To succeed in the modern workplace, it’s no longer a case of having only strong technical skills or impressive work experience, though these of course remain relevant.

These days, you need strength across many soft skills. Soft skills are those that characterise how we engage with other people, how we respond to challenges (or even crises), and how we manage our emotions and express empathy. They are widely applicable across industries and roles, and essential for success in your career.

For example, you need strong interpersonal skills to navigate today’s highly collaborative work environment. You should excel at problem solving and critical thinking, as these skills can help to drive innovation. Developing leadership skills can be an indicator of entrepreneurial spirit and inquisitiveness. All these qualities that are in demand by employers.

Soft skills can be developed on the job, through formal soft skills training programs or courses, and by networking and learning from mentors. Review our extensive soft skills list below, and find out how to improve and strengthen yours.

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Communication skills

Arguably one of the most important soft skills, communication is required to express ourselves, convey thoughts, explain complex ideas and work successfully with others. It’s needed in every role and industry, and can always be further developed. Tighten those communication skills with our advice.

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Public speaking skills

We know that public speaking makes people nervous, but we want to change that. Not only are there are range of ways to reduce the anxiety and improve your ability to address a crowd, but improving this skill will also help progress your career.

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Presentation skills

Let’s face it; at some stage in your career you’re going to have to present. Whether it’s explaining a new software to your team of five or announcing financial results to the entire organisation, when the time comes you want to be confident and prepared.

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Strategic thinking skills

Strategic thinking is the ability to plan for the future, considering the challenges that will arise, the people who’ll be affected and the resources and skills needed to manage. It’s a key leadership skill, and one that will make you a top candidate.

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Time management skills

Today’s workplace is not exactly slow-paced. The combination of hefty workloads, competing demands and near-constant deadlines can make for a tricky balancing act. That’s why it’s vital to develop good time management habits and become as organised as possible — as soon as possible.

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Critical thinking skills

Critical thinking is that capacity to make rational and considered decisions about your work, understanding how it affects all stakeholders and often with pressure or tight deadlines to boot. Improve your skills and work them into any job application with our tips.

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Teamwork skills

A great philosopher once mused that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, and we think that’s still very true today. But how strong are your teamwork and collaboration skills? Do you know what constitutes a great team? Learn right here.

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Adaptability skills

What happens when projects don’t go as planned? Do you exhibit resilience, reset and keep working until you find the best solution? Adaptability can be a hard skill to master, but an important one if you have your heart set on a senior leadership position.

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Networking skills

Networking skills can be invaluable in a competitive job market. Building the right network can sometimes mean the difference between struggling to find a job, and discovering a back door to realising your dream job.

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Problem solving skills

Every workplace has problems that need solving, but how you approach them and work through to a timely solution might be the quality that sets you above the rest. Learn to see problems as opportunities, not obstructions with these handy tips.

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