Corporate Counsel Advice: 3 Tips for Building Your Compliance Team


Facing increasingly stringent government regulations, corporations are under more compliance pressure than ever. Many organizations are relying on corporate counsel to help manage their company’s risk exposure and meet ever-shifting compliance standards. In this highly regulated climate, many legal departments are building an in-house counsel compliance team. If you’re a CLO or compliance manager tasked with setting up a corporate compliance team, here are three tips to keep in mind: 

Career Transitions: Tips for Second-Career Lawyers


Becoming a lawyer mid-career can be an intriguing option for professionals in many fields. Career transitions into the law don’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. Skills learned at previous jobs that directly support the legal field, such as a legal assistant or paralegal, can improve your standing as a prospective lawyer, while experience in nonlegal fields such as engineering or accounting can help direct your path to a more specialized practice area. Read on for ways to leverage experience in your first career for a second career in law.

Common Mistakes New Legal Managers Make — and How to Avoid Them


A new legal manager is almost bound to make some missteps. However, a number of blunders that new legal managers commonly make are easily avoidable. Consider these five tips you can use to circumvent some of these mistakes.