Focus on Healthcare: Tips for a Healthier Revenue Cycle

healthcare revenue cycle

Healthcare providers are not only committed to delivering quality care to their patients and insurees, they must also maintain a streamlined revenue cycle to promote a healthy bottom line. But often, largely due to process deficiencies and avoidable errors, a considerable amount of revenue is left on the table. 

How to Ask for a Raise: 4 Tips for Accounting Professionals

ask for a raise

Have you found yourself adding up how much you contribute at work and wondering whether you’re underpaid? Robert Half’s recent Confidence Matters report suggests you’re not alone. Among professionals surveyed, 89 percent feel they deserve a salary increase. Only 54 percent, however, have actual plans to ask for a raise this year.

Ease Hiring Challenges With a Strong Employee Referral Program

employee referral program

According to a recent survey by the American Institute of CPAs, in-demand accounting talent is difficult to find. But if you’re a hiring manager in a CPA firm or accounting department, you probably didn’t need a survey to tell you that. To locate and attract skilled accountants, companies need to look for ways to make recruitment easier. One excellent way to expand the recruitment process is by soliciting employee referrals.