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The Benefits of a Lunch Break with a Non-Finance Person

lunch break

Let’s talk about your lunch. You may have favorite foods that you eat on a routine basis. However, to receive the maximum benefits from your meal, nutrition experts recommend eating a variety of foods. Similarly, you also need variety with your lunch mates.

Taxpayer ID Fraud: Are Your Clients Protected?

tax identity theft fraud

Sometimes, accountants have to break bad news to clients. It’s bad enough when it’s a legitimate business concern, but imagine having to tell them they’re victims of tax return identity theft — that someone has already filed your clients’ tax returns and collected their refunds, and recovery will be no easy matter.

Managing Entry-Level Accountants: 3 Keys to Developing Gen Zers

entry level accountants

Given the strong demand for skilled talent, experienced accountants are increasingly difficult to find. As a result, we’re seeing a boom in the number of positions being filled with entry-level candidates. Organizational leaders responsible for managing entry-level accountants have an obligation to ensure that these new team members swim rather than sink.

Salary Spotlight: Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Skilled financial professionals are always in demand. As long as corporations exist, they’ll need experienced accounting staff to keep their finances in order. And accounting roles can only be filled effectively by financial specialists.


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