Top Office Etiquette Rules: Pay Attention, and Be Nice

Yes, all the technological tools we use in the workplace these days have probably made breaches of office etiquette more common. And many of us are moving at a faster pace at work than ever before, which can make us more susceptible to slip-ups when it comes to manners.

5 Tips to Help You Own Your Performance Reviews

performance reviews

Does thinking about your upcoming performance review cue ominous music in your head? We don’t blame you if so. These meetings can affect everything from your career path to your chances for that raise you’ve been asking for, so of course they make you nervous. But performance reviews actually can be helpful. The key lies in making the meeting work in your favor. How exactly do you do that? There are several ways, some of which require preparation. Others involve adjusting the way you receive constructive criticism.

Managers, Are Your Performance Reviews as Effective as They Can Be?

performance reviews

If you’re a manager, you might be getting ready to give annual performance reviews to your employees. You know how valuable these appraisals are in helping your staff improve. However, research indicates your employees may disagree: In an Accountemps survey, 31 percent of employees said that reviews are somewhat or very ineffective in helping them improve their performance.

Leave It All Behind: 6 Tips to Prepare for Your Summer Vacation

summer vacation checklist

Plane tickets? Check. Hotel confirmed? Check. Your bag is stocked with sunscreen and beach reads, and you’re ready for some well-deserved R&R. But it might be difficult to relax if you know chaos at the office awaits your return. Try ticking these six items off your office checklist before heading out to enjoy your vacation time: