Network Security Engineer in Sydney

Network Security Engineer job description

Faced with an ever-increasing cyber-security threat, organisations need to maintain a vigilant approach to protect their systems and data, and Security Engineers play a key role in this process. Security Engineers can be responsible f or a number of functions associated with IT security - from ensuring the security of software, through to selecting and/or constructing and deploying broader network security systems.

Security Engineer duties and responsibilities of the job

A Security Engineer job description should include the responsibility of completing a thorough risk assessment, identifying vulnerabilities within a network, and creating firewalls, or configuring systems to enhance existing security features.Security Engineers are expected to respond to, and document, any security threats, resolve technical faults and allocate resources to deliver real solutions in a cost-effective way. They must also be proficient in: Understanding complex technical issues and managing them within a fast-paced business environment Maintaining all the software and hardware in relation to security Documenting security certification Identifying current and emerging technology issues including security trends, vulnerabilities and threats Threat intelligence Sourcing and implementing new security solutions to better protect the organisation Conducting proactive research to analyse security weaknesses and recommend appropriate strategies Liaising with vendors to implement security solutions

Security Engineer job qualifications and requirements

Holding an IT-related degree and a technical background is essential f or a Security Engineer role. Individual organisations may have additional requirements f or a Security Engineer, including security certifications such as CISSP, GISP, and CISM.As well as formal qualifications, a Security Engineer job description should include the following qualities: Expertise across a variety of security products including firewalls, URL filtering, information security and virus protection The commercial acumen to provide cost-effective security solutions An enthusiasm for staying up to date with the very latest updates about security threats and solutions Outstanding communication skills that go beyond “tech talk” – the ability to translate complex IT matters to those without an IT background Strong time management and organisational skills Previous exposure to Linux and/or Windows Operating Systems, coding languages, and/or Networks

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Network Security
Salary for Network Security Engineer in Sydney
128935 - 166385
25th Percentile
The applicant has limited or no experience in the position and is still developing their skills. Demand: Low
50th Percentile
The applicant has an average level of experience and has most of the necessary skills. Demand: Moderate
75th Percentile
The applicant has above-average experience, has (nearly) all necessary skills, and may also have specialised qualifications. Demand: High
Projected salaries for related positions Position title 25th Percentile 50th Percentile 75th Percentile Cyber-Security Specialist 142310 162640 193670 Cyber-Security Manager 169595 194205 221490 CISO 231120 258405 287295

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