Held annually in various locations throughout the region, the Asia Awards recognizes top-performing recruitment consultants with an all-expense paid trip to a resort destination that includes exclusive training, a gala dinner and an opportunity to network with peers in the company.
Our annual recognition event celebrates our top performers around the world. Meet your global peers attending the spectacular gala awards dinner at The Encore Hotel, Las Vegas.
Top-performing recruitment consultants from Asia Pacific can qualify to attend this conference, held at one of Monaco’s premium resorts.
We don’t press the reset button on your revenue contributions every year. When you reach key milestones for the number of clients and candidates you have helped, it unlocks lifetime attendance at some of our regional recognition events and meetings.
Our flagship annual award ceremony for employees working in our corporate service centre could see you taking home a grand incentive that includes an additional month’s salary.
Every quarter we recognize our corporate service center staff with an award for their contributions.
We know that our employees do great things every day. Send a personal thank you message with a click of a button.
Every year we take the opportunity to recognize our staff for their continued service.
Our dedication to successful careers doesn’t stop with the professionals and businesses we work with. We strive to help all individuals within our company find their professional path, developing their skills and expertise, providing innovative projects and creating a great place to work.  Watch the video to see why working at #RobertHalfJapan could be a great move for your career.