13 High-Paying Administrative Jobs to Pursue in 2020

By Robert Half on September 27, 2019 at 2:40pm

Administrative professionals are an indispensable part of organizations of all sizes in all industries. Given the tight competition for top talent today, they’re in demand and have plenty of opportunity to move up to high-paying administrative jobs. And according to the 2020 OfficeTeam Salary Guide, many companies are increasing salaries to boost recruitment and retention.

What skills are most in demand?

In general, the administrative professionals in greatest demand are those with elevated technical abilities. Knowledge of Workday and Salesforce, for example, is highly valuable. In addition, employers seek those who understand the nuances of how social media can impact a company’s reputation. In terms of specialized skills, administrative professionals with a background in healthcare technology programs are particularly well-positioned. Possessing a college degree or industry certification can also help a candidate stand out.

Stellar organization and communication abilities remain critical. Administrative professionals have always worn many hats, and they’re now wearing even more. They increasingly need to partner with company leaders. They’re also charged with collaborating with more people from multiple departments to provide guidance on maneuvering through project-management issues. Job seekers with standout soft skills and the ability to collaborate with an array of personality types are sought by employers.

Following are just 13 of the positions listed in the Salary Guide in which administrative professionals can earn attractive wages.

1. Medical coding manager

Medical coding manager is a critical role in the hot healthcare administrative field. A medical coding manager oversees the coding department, which is responsible for evaluating medical charts, coding data and forwarding necessary documentation to medical billers for processing and payment. According to the Salary Guide, the midpoint starting salary (or median national salary) for a medical coding manager in the U.S. is projected to be $68,000 in 2020.

See our open medical coding manager jobs.

2. Senior executive assistant

Senior executive assistants provide administrative duties to the most senior executives, particularly in large corporations, and may supervise support staff. It’s a high-paying administrative job because advanced technical abilities and outstanding communication skills are essential, especially in industries such as financial services and hospitality. In the tech sector, companies are paying a premium for versatile professionals who demonstrate an “I’ll learn it!” attitude about new technology. The midpoint starting salary for the role is $63,750.

See our open senior executive assistant jobs.

3. Facilities manager

A facilities manager oversees facility management tasks and teams of administrators, assisting with everything from event operations to planning an office move. To earn a midpoint salary of $63,250, the ideal candidate should have three to five years of experience in facilities management, with abilities in tactical planning, workflow improvement, coordination and scheduling.

See our open facilities manager jobs.

4. Member services/enrollment manager

For a midpoint salary of $57,000, member services/enrollment managers work in the healthcare field and supervise staff who take calls from providers and members about claims, benefits and other issues.

See our open member services/enrollment manager jobs.

5. Executive assistant

Executive assistants perform high-level office and administrative duties for executive management. They screen calls, manage calendars, make travel and meeting arrangements, prepare reports and financial data, and train and supervise other support staff. The job requires strong computer and research skills, flexibility, project coordination experience, and the ability to work well with all levels of management — as well as with other staff and outside clients and vendors. The midpoint starting salary for an executive assistant is $55,500.

See our open executive assistant jobs.

6. Medical executive assistant

Medical executive assistants also perform high-level office and administrative duties, but for executive management in the healthcare field. Tasks that earn them the midpoint salary of $55,000 include reviewing documents, preparing reports, conducting research, transcribing dictation, supervising support staff and scheduling appointments.

See our open medical executive assistant jobs.

7. Certified professional coder

This administrative healthcare position requires a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certification. Certified professional coders typically work in a physician’s office, referring to a patient’s medical chart and selecting proper codes to classify procedures performed, diagnostic information collected and treatment provided. The midpoint starting salary is $54,000.

See our open certified professional coder jobs.

8. Call center manager

This administrative professional typically has a strong customer service background and management experience, which leads to a midpoint salary of $53,000. Duties include managing call service quality and workflow, preparing work schedules, building customer relationships, and resolving issues in a dynamic environment.

See our open call center manager jobs.

9. HR benefits specialist/coordinator

Processing payroll, maintaining HR records and employee benefit plans, facilitating resolutions, and ensuring compliance are all duties of the HR benefits specialist or coordinator. Communication and organizational skills are a must. The midpoint starting salary for the HR benefits specialist/coordinator role is $48,000.

See our open HR benefits specialist jobs.

10. Customer service manager

These professionals manage representatives who interface with customers and provide information on products and services, resolve issues, perform data entry, and update customer records. Communication, technology and problem-solving skills are essential for those in customer service manager roles — all part of what earns them a midpoint starting salary of $47,000.

See our open customer service manager jobs.

11. Office manager

Office managers organize office procedures, prepare payroll, oversee correspondence, design filing systems, order supplies and manage clerical workers. They may oversee other office administrative staff, as well. Organizational and communication skills are important, as is experience working in an office environment, either as an office manager or coordinator. The midpoint starting salary for these professionals is $46,250.

See our open office manager jobs.

12. Medical office administrator

Duties for medical office administrators include scheduling patient appointments, keeping medical records, handling patients’ bills and insurance, and managing payroll. They often act as a go-between from patient to physician, client to insurance company, and clerical staff to medical staff. They work in many types of medical offices and typically manage one or more teams. The midpoint starting salary for a medical office administrator is $45,250.

See our open medical office administrator jobs.

13. HR recruiting specialist/coordinator

Companies are fighting for talent so it’s essential that an employer’s recruiting process is seamless. This member of the HR team is focused on recruiting job candidates and must have strong communication skills and proficiency with office applications and social media platforms. The salary midpoint for the position is $44,000. HR recruiting specialists or coordinators typically take on administrative tasks related to job postings, interview management and new-hire orientation.

See our open HR recruiting specialist jobs.

These are just some high-paying administrative jobs. Download the 2020 OfficeTeam Salary Guide to see starting salary ranges for nearly 60 administrative roles.

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