Front-end Engineers, also referred to as Front-end Developers, are programmers who specialise in designing websites. It is their job to balance aesthetics with functionality and user experience (UX), and so need to be knowledgeable in design thinking, several programming languages, and UX – all fields in their own right. As Front-end Engineers are required to design and build websites, they need to be able to determine the most efficient and optimal structure of a website. They must also: Optimise websites and pages for mobile Test and debug Optimise pages for speed and functionality Maintain brand consistency Responding to user feedback and support requests Train end-users Create and maintain technical and user manuals As the Front-end Engineer often works with clients that are not technically savvy, they are often required to translate technical concepts into simple language, as well as translating abstract concepts/requests into concrete functionalities.

What skills and qualifications should a Front-end Engineer have?

A highly technical, design-focused role, Front-end Engineers need to have a high level of IT knowledge. A tertiary education is not required, but demonstrable and broad knowledge of relevant programming languages, like HTML and CSS, are required.Other technical skills should include:
    SEO UX/UI Wireframing Experience working with web design software, like Dreamweaver Experience working with content management systems, like Wordpress Web server management
Highly competent Front-end Engineers stay on top of the latest trends and developments within the field, and can demonstrate this via professional development, certifications, membership within professional organisations, and active networking.Soft skills should include: Creativity Problem solving Attention to detail Time management Communication
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