Front-end Developers are highly skilled developers that create the client-side (or the “front-end”) of websites. They are responsible for the way the end-user interacts with a website, app, or the elements within. They are both designers and coders. Front-end Developers are responsible for the design and build of a website, as well as the ongoing maintenance and upgrade of existing sites.It is also their job to: Work with clients to design and build a website from scratch Optimise the website for the user experience (UX) and SEO Debug and test for usability Manage software workflow and deliver projects to deadline Design solutions to improve site interaction and functionality

What skills and qualifications should a Front-end Developer have?

Because Front-end Developers straddle the line between designer and coder. As such, they need to have a good understanding of both web development and design practices.While a tertiary education in computer science or software development is recommended, it is not necessary. Instead, Front-end Developers should be able to demonstrate: A strong understanding of HTML5 and CSS3, and any CSS frameworks, e.g. Bootstrap Javascript and jQuery, and any relevant frameworks, e.g. Angular or Node.js Familiarity with WC3 standards Experience building responsible and mobile websites Familiarity with content management systems (CMS) and e-commerce platforms Soft skills should include: Customer service Problem solving Critical thinking Creativity Communication Time management The ability to translate complex ideas for non-tech staff/customers
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Salary for Front-end Developer
$94,000 - $130,500
25th Percentile
Little or no prior experience in the position; still developing relevant skills. Demand: Low
50th Percentile
Some prior experience in the position; has several relevant skills. Demand: Moderate
75th Percentile
Extensive prior experience in the position; has mastered relevant skills. Demand: High
Projected salaries for related positions Position title 25th Percentile 50th Percentile 75th Percentile Junior Front End Developer $78,500 $86,000 $95,500 Senior Front End Developer $139,500 $164,000 $188,000
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