The BI Consultant, also called a BI Analyst, performs market analyses, benchmarking and competitive analyses in order to help businesses gain a competitive advantage or outperform their competitors. They do this by gathering and analysing data, staying on top of market and industry trends, and improving existing business processes. Business Intelligence Consultants are required to consult with various business teams to define business goals. They will then gather and analyse data, and present their insights and recommendations to the relevant stakeholders.BI Consultants are also responsible for: Researching, developing, and implementing best practice data gathering policies Evaluating the results of their suggestions Big data cleaning, synthesis, and modeling Data visualisation

What skills and qualifications should a Business Intelligence Consultant have?

As a data- and tech-focused role, BI Consultants should be highly skilled in data analysis and the latest trends and developments in the field. As they’re also customer/client-facing, they must have experience translating data insights into easy-to-understand recommendations.While a tertiary education in computer science, business and/or data science, is recommended, it is not strictly necessary. Instead, Business Intelligence Consultants should be able to demonstrate highly developed data mining and analysis skills, as well as strong communication and presentation skills.Other technical skills include: Statistics and reporting, including statistical packages like SPSS Machine learning Some programming skills: SQL, PHP, Java, and R, for example Familiarity with BI tools: Oracle, Tableau, SAP Business Intelligence are among the most popular Soft skills should include: Critical and analytical thinking Interpersonal skills Business acumen Collaboration/teamwork Adaptability and flexibility Creativity
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