Applications Architects design and develop new applications, or repair and improve existing applications. They collaborate with business units in order to create a product that incorporates both the required functionalities and/or features as well as business outcomes. As an important member of the IT team, a typical Applications Architect job description should include, but is not limited to: Collaborate with business units to determine business goals Lead the application development team to design and test a prototype application Integrate user feedback Maintain app via diagnostic tests, debugging, and regular updates Create application documentation As design, and application and software development are dynamic and fast-paced fields, Applications Architects should stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

What skills and qualifications should a Applications Architect have?

Applications Architects have three maj or areas in which they should excel: design thinking, application development, and leadership.As such, they should be proficient in several programming languages, including, but not limited to, Javascript, Java, Dart, Swift, and Kotlin.Other technical skills should include: Experience with hybrid cloud platforms, like Azure or Google Cloud Web development tools, like Bootstrap or angularJS Secure coding practices Soft skills should include: Problem solving Critical thinking Creativity Teamwork and collaboration Organisation Leadership
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