Program Manager

Program Manager job description

Similar to the role of Project Manager, a Program Manager is responsible for designing, coordinating and improving the internal and external programs of an organisation. Program Managers work across a range of industries to deliver programs that align to the organisation’s strategic vision. When writing a Program Manager job description, consider how the programs reflect and interact with broader organisational goals to attract candidates with the right skills and experience.

Program Manager duties and responsibilities of the job

There are a range of duties and responsibilities that Program Managers need to master in order to run programs successfully and economically. Here are some duties to include in a Program Manager job description:Expanding program offering and enhancing the quality of existing programsDeveloping and implementing strategy for the program team, including developing a robust risk mitigation planUnderstanding how different projects interlink and overlapWorking with the HR team to manage staff and resources for programsLiaising with the marketing and communications team to increase awareness of programsManaging budgets and reporting on fund allocationParticipating in tender and grant application process including design, submission and reviewCoordinating and running events and workshopsGathering feedback and presenting insightsReporting on program performance to executive team and directorsIdentifying opportunities for continual improvementDeveloping industry partnershipsEnsuring relevant standards, process and regulations are upheld

Program Manager job qualifications and requirements

The most valuable qualifications will vary for Program Managers, given that it is an important, senior role that traverses industries and organisations. As such, a Program Manager job description should ask for one or more formal qualifications in the subjects below:Business or Business AdministrationManagementEngineeringConstructionMarketingIT or Computer ScienceIn the job description, also note the need for five or more years’ experience in a similar role, requesting candidates who have worked on successful, large-scale programs and are recognised or even awarded within the industry.

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Project Management
Salary for Program Manager
175000 - 215000
25th Percentile
The applicant has limited or no experience in the position and is still developing their skills. Demand: Low
50th Percentile
The applicant has an average level of experience and has most of the necessary skills. Demand: Moderate
75th Percentile
The applicant has above-average experience, has (nearly) all necessary skills, and may also have specialised qualifications. Demand: High
Salary range based on three percentiles The starting salaries represent gross yearly salaries. They do not include bonuses, benefits, and KiwiSaver.
Related positions salaries Position title 25th Percentile 50th Percentile 75th Percentile IT Manager/ Head of IT 160000 180000 200000 Software Development Manager 180000 200000 230000 Chief Information Officer/ Chief Technology Officer 250000 280000 350000

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