Based in Sydney, the corporate services team is responsible for providing back-office support to Robert Half, covering the areas of human resources, finance, IT and marketing. Each department plays a critical role in supporting the ongoing operations of the business with responsibility over the Asia-Pacific region. 
Our human resources team oversees numerous responsibilities, including the development of contracts, HR procedures, insurance, OH&S, training and development, and addressing any workplace matters.
A key foundation of any business is a strong finance department. At Robert Half, the scope of the finance team includes the timely and accurate delivery of payroll and reporting, accounts payable and receivable, auditing, and tax compliance.
Providing digital and technical support to Robert Half, the IT department oversees the company’s IT infrastructure, manages ongoing platform upgrades and is responsible for service desk support to all Robert Half staff.
Collaborating with global colleagues through world-class MarTech platforms, the marketing team is responsible for the digital customer experience, attracting high-calibre prospective talent, and promoting Robert Half’s unique services in the recruitment industry.