Database Developers design and develop databases, or repair and improve existing databases. They collaborate with business clients in order to create a product that ties the required functionalities with specific business outcomes.They are also required to train both technical and non-technical staff, provide technical support, write technical manuals, and determine the best way to clean and organise data. As an invaluable member of the IT team, a typical Database Developer job description should include, but is not limited to: Collaborate with business units to determine business goals and user needs Determine the best way to clean and organise data Design and build database solutions Repair, optimise, and maintain legacy systems Create training and technical manuals Provide data reports and analyses for clients

What skills and qualifications should a Database Developer have?

While a tertiary education in software development, mathematics, or computer science is recommended, it is not a strict requirement. Instead, Database Developers have three maj or areas in which they should be able to demonstrate knowledge and expertise: design thinking, database development, and customer service.As such, they should be proficient in several programming languages, including SQL, as well as other languages required by the role: for example, C++, Oracle, and/or Java, JavaScript.Other technical skills should include: Expert-level knowledge of Microsoft Excel Ability to translate non-technical requests into technical solutions Soft skills should include: Communication Problem solving Critical thinking Collaboration Organisation
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Data Warehousing
ETL - Extract Transform Load
Microsoft SQL Server
R Code
SSRS - SQL Server Reporting Services
T-SQL - Transact-SQL
Salary for Database Developer
121500 - 151000
25th Percentile
The applicant has limited or no experience in the position and is still developing their skills. Demand: Low
50th Percentile
The applicant has an average level of experience and has most of the necessary skills. Demand: Moderate
75th Percentile
The applicant has above-average experience, has (nearly) all necessary skills, and may also have specialised qualifications. Demand: High
Projected salaries for related positions Position title 25th Percentile 50th Percentile 75th Percentile Database Administrator 119000 139500 155500 Data Analyst 114500 130500 143500
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