5 Things to Keep in Mind When Working with Recruiters

A job prospect works with a recruiter to find a creative job

Like a well-crafted resume, a polished portfolio and an extensive network, a recruiting agency can be a key part of your toolbox when looking for creative jobs. A staffing agency like The Creative Group (TCG), which specializes in the design, marketing and interactive fields, can connect skilled professionals with the right employment opportunities. For creatives, working with recruiters means they have experienced career counselors whose goal is to place them in jobs where they'll thrive.

Working with recruiters isn't just about uploading a resume to a website and waiting for the phone to ring, though. A recruiter is a candidate's best ally, and the job search process is an exercise in collaboration.

For creatives working with recruiters to find their next gig, here are five tips to help ensure a successful outcome:

1. Give recruiters what they need

For recruiters to effectively represent creatives to potential hiring managers, they need to understand candidates' experience and expectations. When working with recruiters, job seekers should talk about key professional experiences they've had, important projects they've completed and skills they've developed. They should be open and honest about their ideal work situation and their career goals.

2. Listen to their advice

Many of TCG's recruiters have worked in the creative field before — often, they've been TCG clients or candidates themselves. They understand the local job market, recognize companies' talent needs, and can relate to the unique nature of design and interactive work. While working with recruiters, creative professionals should carefully consider any recommendations they get, from pointers about fine-tuning their portfolio to coaching on interview best practices.

3. Combine networks to find creative jobs

These days, finding a job is all about who you know. Working with recruiters lets creative job seekers cast the widest net possible. Staffing firms are well-connected with local creative markets, and they know who's hiring – even when job opportunities haven't been posted publicly. Creatives can leverage a larger network by combining an employment agency's connections with their own personal contacts.

4. Take full advantage of what recruiters offer

Recruiters can provide resources and services such as information on creative positions and salaries and access to online training that can help candidates develop in-demand skills. TCG shares a library of career resources to job seekers.

5. Collaborate with them

Creatives who are working with recruiters should recognize the two-way nature of the relationship. A recruiter won't do all the work, nor should candidates expect their career guides to be at their beck and call. Creatives should commit themselves to the recruiting process, devote the time required to develop their resume and actively connect with their network. Job seekers don't have to go it alone, but they do have to be fully engaged in the effort.

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