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What Steps Should a Job Seeker Take to Find a Flexible or Hybrid Job?  Zachary Allison, recruiting manager   [00:06]:  First thing I would recommend to anyone who wants those hybrid, flexibility or remote opportunities through their employer is to talk to their current employer first.  [00:15]:  Any good recruiter is going to ask you why you want to leave your job, and if you’ve spoken to your current employer about why you’re wanting to leave.   [00:20]:  So, if you want hybrid opportunities, talk to your boss first to see if that’s an option. If it’s not, you can always put together a proposal and say, “here are all the metrics meet and the statistics behind the value of hybrid and remote opportunities and here’s why I think my job can be done remotely.” And offer the idea of a pilot program – one day a week to see how it works. 

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