Administrative Employee Recognition: Celebrating Success While Improving Retention

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Engaged and motivated workers are key to any Canadian company’s success. Prioritizing employee recognition and celebrating the achievements of in-office and hybrid teams can boost morale and improve collaboration across your business, which can increase job satisfaction and retention in the long-term. According to a Robert Half Canada survey of more than 175 hiring managers who work in the administrative and customer support fields in Canada, their greatest hiring challenges in the first half of 2024 are: Meeting candidates’ salary expectations (54%)Lack of applicants with the required skill sets (51%)Finding candidates who align with our company culture (51%)Lack of candidates applying for our open roles (47%)Hiring quickly enough to land the best talent (40%)Lack of applicants willing to work on-site (39%) Read the latest Canada Job Market Admin and Customer Support Hiring Trends   Administrative and Customer Support leaders also told us where they are investing their time and focus. Here are the top three strategic priorities for them 2024: Employee training and development  (24%)Operational efficiency (23%)Workforce management (20%) Learn more about the demand for skilled talent here   5 ways to show employee recognition: 1. Celebrate important milestones. Hold a virtual or in-person celebration to recognize achievements. Arrange for treats to be delivered to virtual participants. 2. Publicize it. Acknowledge employees’ contributions in a certificate or an email and copy key executives. Feature top performers in the company newsletter for more exposure. 3. Give the gift of time. Consult with your HR and legal departments for this one, but if approved, encourage team members to log off early on a Friday to show your appreciation for their efforts and offer additional time off or extra vacation days for jobs well done. 4. Provide new opportunities. Ask employees to mentor others and introduce new leaders to management. Promote from within and encourage team members to pursue growth opportunities in the company. 5. Offer a monetary reward. Award a one-time bonus or financial incentive to individuals or teams who meet specific goals or metrics. More tips for improving your Employee Recognition Programs   Most popular employee recognition and retention strategies: The administrative and customer service hiring managers surveyed by Robert Half Canada shared the following strategies they currently use or plan to implement in the next six months to retain employees: Increasing recognition efforts (95%)Expanding/enhancing professional development offerings (93%)Letting employees work flexible hours (92%)Increasing compensation (90%)Allowing employees to work a hybrid schedule (89%)Accelerating promotions or job title changes (89%)Alleviating workloads by hiring contract professionals (85%)Offering retention bonuses (84%)   Acknowledging your hardworking team using any of the tactics above will go far in showing employee recognition – no matter how big or small the gesture. Even if you’re working with a limited budget, you can celebrate employee success in ways that will have a lasting impact. An effective employee recognition program is a win-win for both the worker and employer.   Want more? Get time-tested management tips for increasing productivity and morale so your workers feel valued and want to stay with your company. Visit Robert Half Canada Management tips