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Before you reach for that donut box in the break room, consider this: What does your choice say about you?

It can indicate what kind of worker you are. Well, not really, but if you’d like to learn your fictional donut horoscope, here’s a handy guide in light of National Donut Day!


You like to keep things straight and simple — sprinkles, cream, jelly or other such frills just aren’t your style. Your method of devouring it is equally modest and predictable: Always the same number of bites, followed by a thorough finger licking. At the office, you have a consistent work style and don't veer too far from your routine. You get right to the point and don't sugar-coat things (pun intended!).

Sour cream

An unusually delicious collision of sweet and sour, this donut stands out from the baker’s dozen. This flavor is the antithesis of the glazed donut: Unpolished, imperfect, misunderstood and full of mystery. Just like you. You enjoy mixing things up at work and trying new ways of doing things, even if others don't understand your reasoning.


You’ll take any jelly-filled one, be it lemon-, raspberry- or blueberry-filled. You’re easy-going, an eternal optimist and utterly convinced that your donut is healthy because it’s made of “fruit.” You see life with the same jelly-filled-donut–colored glasses. You're unfazed by tight deadlines and take on work with a smile. That 25-page report by lunchtime? No problem!


You sneer at those fruit fillings. Yours is a more cultured taste, one of the Bostonian or Bavarian variety. Your donut is the crème brûlée of donuts, the Cadillac of confectionaries, with which you can hobnob in style.

Your work is equally elegant. Every report you submit is worthy of hard binding with a leather cover.


If it’s not made of chocolate, it’s not worth your time. A donut shouldn’t be glazed. Or fruit-filled. Or covered in colorful sprinkles.

Unless it’s also made of chocolate. Your single-minded pledge to the cocoa bean demonstrates your fierce loyalty. Your dedication to your work and colleagues is just as sweet.


This donut isn’t as sweet as the glazed, which is just the point: You’d trade anything for originality. But you’re also humble. Having to wipe powdered sugar off your face shows that you’re not afraid of getting your hands (and nose) dirty. You're known around the office for your work ethic and for rolling up your sleeves and diving right into a project.


Your mind works like the donut, twisting itself into odd shapes and coming up with new solutions. This makes you a valuable asset to the team. Although you prize texture over flavor, your donut is intricate and multifaceted — like your nonconventional views. Colleagues love being in your group during brainstorming and team-building sessions because you always come up with the most thought-provoking ideas.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy that donut. National Donut Day comes only once a year!