The original version of this article was published in Half Times, the digital magazine for Robert Half employees.

Billie Moliere, a district president with Robert Half’s legal group, credits the five P’s for her career satisfaction and success: people, possibilities, preparedness, promise and prestige.

“Robert Half provides them all in spades — from the leaders, mentors and colleagues who’ve helped shape my career, to the unlimited career and professional development opportunities, to the growth of the organization itself,” says Billie, who is based in the New York City metropolitan area.

Billie was elevated to her current role in 2013 by Robert Half operational president George Denlinger, who had promoted Billie to regional vice president just two years before that. And throughout her 15-year career at Robert Half, Billie has experienced many other professional milestones and personal achievements, including receiving multiple company awards and being named to the New York Business Journal’s “Women of Influence” list.

“All of these things continue to drive me to do more and more going forward,” says Billie.

Ongoing support from a network of inspiring colleagues

Billie says her drive and determination to accomplish even more in her career at Robert Half have been strengthened by a built-in support system she found at the company. She credits many people in the organization with helping her build a career that she says still holds the promise of unlimited possibility for her, even after 15 years.

“I have had incredible mentors along the way,” says Billie. “From operational president Katherine Spencer Lee, who’s always been an inspiration to me because of her leadership approach and collaborative style, to George, who’s mentored and provided me with career opportunities, to former senior district director Chad Volkert, who helped me mature and develop professionally. (Chad is now global leader and managing director for legal consulting at Protiviti, a global consulting firm and Robert Half subsidiary.)

She continues, “Then, there are my amazing colleagues and friends, legal executive director Jamy Sullivan, permanent placement executive director Randi Weitzman, managing director Dawn Antonelli, managing director Steve Baron, district director Michael Lusby and regional director Marisa Ellis — who have supported, inspired, partnered with me and cheered me on throughout my career.”

Billie says she is also proud of the way Robert Half has developed in taking care of its professionals outside of work. “Work-life balance can be tough,” Billie says. “Particularly as we merged work into home offices over the last year. I embrace my calendar daily, scheduling time to turn off and on. I have a wonderful, active, 3-year-old daughter who demands her time with Mommy, and the company has been flexible and sensitive to the needs of working parents like me.”

She adds, “Robert Half has really stepped up, from supporting remote work to creating a company culture where you feel safe tapping into available resources when needed.”

A strong commitment to help promote DEI

Another source of company support has grown from Billie’s involvement in Robert Half’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts. “I serve as the executive DEI lead for our alliance with the National Urban League. The organization is a historic civil rights and urban advocacy organization with 90 affiliates and serving over 300 communities,” says Billie, who is also involved with the Black Employee Network (BEN), an Employee Network Group at Robert Half.

"For me, DEI is a priority, just based on my own personal journey,” Billie says. “I’m very proud of the work our company is doing and committed to doing in these spaces. It showcases intentional leadership and allows me to feel proud and comfortable bringing my true, authentic self to work each day.”

As for the keys for building a long and successful career at Robert Half, Billie says that collaboration and a “one team” approach are essential. She explains: “We win together and are better together. This simple philosophy is a great way to approach each interaction, both with customers and colleagues, and can be the start of a promising career here at Robert Half.”

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