It’s an exciting time to be working in human resources. The pace of digital transformation, and the demand for skilled HR professionals continues to increase. However, as Robert Half’s latest Demand for Skilled Talent Report shows, HR hiring managers face major challenges in finding the people they need most: 86% of HR managers can’t find candidates with the right skills, and salary expectations can be a roadblock (52%). 72% of HR managers pointed to company growth as the factor most influencing their hiring decisions. 59% of managers said employee turnover is another factor influencing their decisions. The main takeaway? In this fiercely competitive talent market, hiring managers must be innovative and adaptable to attract sought-after HR professionals. Here are some tips from the report’s findings to help you navigate this tight job market.
Start by crafting job postings that clearly outline the role’s responsibilities and paint a compelling picture of your organization’s culture and values, and be sure the job description is up to date. Highlight the unique opportunities for growth and development that come with being a part of your HR team. Remember, top HR talent is looking for more than just a job. They want a chance to make a real impact and advance their careers. In interviews, especially for leadership positions, showcase how your HR team is at the forefront of driving change and shaping the future of work. That is likely to grab the attention of people interested in a job that goes beyond traditional areas of focus and boost HR hiring efforts. Mention innovative HR initiatives or programs that the company has implemented to adapt to changing workplace trends. This could include initiatives related to flexibility, diversity and inclusion, employee well-being, or technology adoption. Other advantages you can highlight may come to you by perusing what other HR teams say they’ll be focused on in 2024: Training and development: Show off your commitment to helping your workforce learn and grow through workshops, courses and mentorship programs. Invest in user-friendly learning management systems (LMS) and partner with industry experts to deliver top-notch training. Compensation and benefits: Emphasize your commitment to fair and competitive pay, including market analysis and pay equity reviews. Highlight unique benefits like unlimited PTO, mental health support and financial wellness programs. Employee engagement: Demonstrate how your HR team creates a culture of belonging and purpose through initiatives like DEI councils, volunteer opportunities and town hall meetings. Highlight how you prioritize open communication and empower employees to shape company culture. Performance management: Move away from annual reviews to a more personalized, agile approach with flexible goals and real-time feedback, creating a supportive atmosphere that champions growth and improvement. Recruitment and talent acquisition: Highlight how you use data analytics and artificial intelligence to speed up hiring and reduce bias. Share examples of innovative campaigns that have helped you tap into diverse talent pools and build a strong employer brand. Emphasize your commitment to creating an exceptional candidate experience to attract passionate HR professionals.
During the pandemic, many HR professionals shifted quite smoothly to remote work, taking on new responsibilities and earning a seat at the decision-making table. So, it might surprise you that just 1 in 4 HR positions in 2023 offered flexible work options, with only 18% providing hybrid setups. This data points to a huge opportunity for your HR department to stand out when it comes to HR hiring and retention. You can expand your potential talent pool by offering flexible schedules and, whenever possible, remote and hybrid work location options. Plus, it demonstrates that you value your employees’ well-being and you trust them to deliver great results no matter where they work.
According to the Demand for Skilled Talent report, 37% of HR managers plan to increase their use of contract professionals in the first half of 2024. It’s a smart strategy for boosting your team’s capabilities, tackling postponed but important initiatives or even finding hidden gems who could be your next great permanent hire in HR. But the benefits go beyond just getting tasks done. Bringing in contract professionals enhances your overall team by: Injecting new ideas and strategies into your workplace Promoting a culture of knowledge sharing, benefiting both your contract experts and full-time staff Adding valuable experience and perspective to your team
Our report highlights that HR departments are especially interested in contract help with:
Training and development Recruitment Compensation and benefits Need help finding the perfect match? Partnering with a talent solutions firm like Robert Half simplifies the process. Our deep network of pre-vetted HR professionals makes it easy to find someone with the skills you need, whether for a short-term project or a trial run before a permanent hire.
It might seem like retention isn’t a pressing issue, with almost seven in 10 HR professionals not considering leaving their current roles. However, even loyal employees can be tempted away if they feel unappreciated or their careers stall. To encourage them to stick around: Stay competitive: Use resources like the Robert Half Salary Guide to benchmark your compensation and benefits package against industry standards regularly. Invest in growth: Provide workers with training, mentorship and opportunities for new challenges. When HR pros see a path for advancement, they’re more likely  to see a future with your company. Show your team that you appreciate their work: Never underestimate a simple “thank you,” whether it’s a quick note, a public shout-out or a tangible reward. Recognizing your team’s efforts boosts morale and builds loyalty. The race for skilled HR talent is on and not slowing down. Embrace this challenge as a chance to revamp your hiring strategies and create a workplace culture that top talent craves. By emphasizing what today’s professionals truly value — inclusivity, growth potential, flexibility and impactful work — you’ll attract the people you need to build an exemplary HR team. Learn more about how to recruit employees who will thrive at your company.