With accounting training, you can fuel your career and show your employer your ever-increasing value. It’s essential when you’re attempting to build your skills and stay on top of the changing regulations and industry practices.

One of the simplest ways to gain additional training is to take on new assignments, get cross-training and ask for mentoring within your place of employment. You might even ask your company to pay for your professional development, and while that’s a great way to retain employees, it may not be in the budget. Or you may be between jobs or still in school.

What can you do on your own to get accounting training? Here are five ways to help you move up in the world of accounting and finance.

1. Obtain certifications and advanced degrees

With a professional accounting certifications, you demonstrate proficiency in a particular area of accounting. The certified public accountant (CPA) certification, for example, is the most popular license among accountants. To earn this designation, you have to complete applicable coursework, have accounting work experience, pass a detailed exam and meet state-specific requirements.

College coursework also pays dividends when you advance beyond the bachelor's degree and obtain a master's of business administration (MBA). Controllers and external forensic auditors, for example, typically have MBAs.

2. Attend seminars and conferences

You can also get access to accounting and finance job training by attending events hosted by private companies, professional organizations and universities. The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the American Management Association (AMA), for instance, host numerous seminars that provide information on the evolving industry, the labor marketing for accounting and finance professionals, and the changing economy.

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3. Register with Accountemps

If you're working as an interim professional or contractor through Accountemps, one advantage is that you gain access to free online job training tools. Our library of online training materials includes thousands of courses, books, articles, videos and research reports on the following subjects:

  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Legal compliance
  • Business processes
  • Project management

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4. Check out online accounting training

Online job training and webinars are a great way to get job training without having to travel to seminars. Both can give you tips on functional skills, such as efficient ways to use Microsoft Excel or new regulations regarding the tax code.

5. Join a professional association

There are a number of professional organizations specific to accountants that offer exclusive job training opportunities for members. Members of Financial Executives International, for example, receive reduced rates for national conferences. Members also get access to public policy education, publications and journals.

Throughout your work life, it will be important for you to refine your accounting skills. The rewards of improved performance, increased productivity, and expanded career opportunities will make it all worthwhile.