One incorrectly used term. One transposed letter. One misplaced punctuation mark. That’s all it could take to cause an employer to question your professionalism and attention to detail. And that’s why it’s so critical to carefully review your resume and cover letter.

Relying on spell-check alone is problematic because the program won’t necessarily flag every type of error. Proofread on screen and on paper, and ask a friend or family member for feedback. Fresh eyes can catch tricky mistakes you overlooked.

Consider how the following goofs change the impact of these job candidates’ statements:

“JOB DUTIES: Assisted company executives with travel arraignments.”

This typo is a crime.

“JOB DUTIES: Worked in the dessert.”

Sounds like a cakewalk.

“WORK EXPERIENCE: Drove a toe truck.”

You’ve gotten off on the wrong foot.

“SKILLS: Pay attention two details.”

Only two?

“EDUCATION: Currently perusing a master’s degree."

Let us know when you’re done looking at it.

“EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in communications?”

You tell us.

“JOB DUTIES: Oversaw all new corporate accusations.”

The president of finger pointing.