Words make up the vast majority of the content in your resume. But numbers feature prominently too. There’s no way to write a good resume without both.

You need numbers to convey your dates of employment, the year you earned a degree or certification, or your requested starting salary range (only if an employer requests that information, though!).

Yet, you’d be surprised how many job seekers spend hours making sure each word is just right and simply gloss over the figures. One out-of-place number can turn a good resume bad, as these candidates demonstrated:

“EDUCATION: Currently in college. Due to graduate in 2027.”

A lifelong learner.

COVER LETTER: “I offer 25 to 30 years of experience.”

Which one is it?

“EXPERIENCE: 8,000 years.”

That’s a long time, even in dog years.

“DATES EMPLOYED: May 1998-September 1996.”

One step forward, two steps back.

“QUALIFICATIONS: I type 4.5 words per minute.

”As they say, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

“DESIRED SALARY: $10 per year.” 

We think we can do better than that. 

“DESIRED SALARY: $35,000 per hour.”

On the other hand …