Top-performing accounting and finance professionals are growing more confident in their career prospects and exploring their options. And there's a good reason: Hiring managers are encountering a shortage of the specialized talent to fill the accounting positions they need most.

Here's a snapshot of the types of accounting jobs that are hot today, along with some advice on how to best approach the market.

Accounting jobs in demand

Is accounting a good career? It's certainly one that companies demand. As technology produces more and more information about a company's financial data, businesses need people who can interpret and explain it. They also need analysts to help them make decisions key to their expansion plans. At the same time, hiring managers with public accounting firms are seeking experts in core audit and tax businesses as well as in high-demand industries, such as insurance or real estate.

Following are some types of accounting jobs that reflect this demand for talented professionals:

Unconventional accounting jobs

As hot as they are, don't think these types of accounting jobs represent the full gamut of your career options. If you don't feel compelled to work for a CPA firm or in a corporate setting, consider these nontraditional types of accounting positions:

  • Environmental accounting
  • International accounting
  • Accounting education and research
  • Entertainment accounting
  • Internal auditing
  • Forensic auditing
  • Information technology accounting

Entry-level accounting positions

New to the industry? Don't fret. Both public accounting and private industry firms are seeking entry-level candidates with bachelor's and master's degrees. To stand out in the crowd, make sure your resume showcases your soft skills, such as communication and teamwork, in addition to your financial skills. Likewise, highlight previous work experience — through internships or part-time jobs, for example — and your leadership roles in campus organizations.

Support during your job search

Despite — or maybe because of — the number of opportunities out there, sifting through different types of accounting jobs and deciding which one is best for your career goals can be challenging. Whether you're looking to test the waters with temporary work or land a full-time position, you'll benefit from a strong support system and a contact to answer your questions. The most effective way to gain this support and knowledge — and find your next big opportunity — is to enlist help from a recruiting firm that specializes in accounting positions. Work with a recruiter who is familiar with the industry and who understands what employers are seeking in qualified candidates. They will effectively market your skills and be sure that, ultimately, you land the best position.

Start looking for accounting jobs that are in demand today.