Remote accounting jobs aren’t a new trend, but lately, the number of these work opportunities has expanded. More businesses are operating with fully or partially remote accounting and finance teams, either out of necessity or choice. So, if you’re an accounting professional who likes to work from home, or you’ve always wanted to do so, you may want to consider exploring remote accounting job opportunities.

Many companies looking to staff remote accounting jobs are searching for professionals with well-rounded skill sets, including strong functional knowledge and skills, IT proficiency, and stellar interpersonal abilities. Outstanding communication skills are especially critical for remote workers to possess, because so much collaboration now happens by video.

So, if you’re confident it’s the right time to pursue remote accounting jobs, how should you proceed? Here are a few strategies:

Look for companies committed to offering remote work options

If you’re open to working remotely, but you aren’t necessarily concerned about doing it for the long term, you can skip this first tip. Otherwise, you’ll want to confirm that the roles you apply for are likely to stay remote.

Many businesses have turned to remote work during the pandemic because they had no other option. While the arrangement may be working well, that doesn’t mean they see employees working off-site as a permanent solution. However, there are also organizations seriously considering having their teams work off-site for the long term because they have found the arrangement to be beneficial both for the business and for workers.

Many job postings note if an employment opportunity will be remote only for the short term. If remote accounting jobs are your only interest, look for companies that highlight their flexibility and commitment to remote work.

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Be open to opportunities outside of your city

Remote work allows you to search far and wide for employment opportunities because you aren’t constrained by geography. Some employers offering remote accounting jobs may prefer that you work in a certain time zone, or even be located within a particular distance from the company’s physical office.

But often — and increasingly more so now — you’ll find that business leadership is open to maintaining a dispersed workforce. Their main concern is hiring the best people, and they expect their employees, no matter where they are located, to do what’s necessary to fulfill their job requirements.

Make the most of traditional resources

When starting your search for remote accounting jobs, you’ll want to look at general job boards as well as specialized sites. (See this post for a curated list of top job search websites.)

Turn to your professional contacts for leads, too. Let them know you’re searching for remote work. They may be aware of companies looking for remote talent and might even be able to introduce you to hiring decision makers. Ask your contacts on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn for endorsements and recommendations and be sure to do the same for them.

Also, look for opportunities to engage with and expand your network through virtual conferences and professional development events.

Connect with a specialized staffing firm

Another strategy for finding remote accounting jobs that are a good fit for your skills and experience is to work with a specialized staffing firm such as Robert Half. Our recruiters are well-versed in helping professionals find remote accounting jobs. They often have knowledge of available positions before they are advertised.

Our staffing professionals can also help you find temporary or contract opportunities. So, if you’re interested in remote accounting jobs, but you’d prefer to test drive working off-site before committing fully to that path, these arrangements can help. Interim jobs also provide you with the opportunity to learn new skills — and could eventually lead to a full-time position.

Finally, when your search for a remote accounting job comes to a successful conclusion, make sure to get off to a strong start in your new position by building structure into your day. If you’ve never worked from home before, this is especially important for helping you stay productive and avoid feeling isolated.

For strategies that you can apply before Day One — and beyond — see this post featuring tips specifically for remote employees starting a new job.