Navigating a job interview can be a daunting task, but leaving a lasting positive impression can significantly increase your chances of success.

While having enthusiasm and asking thoughtful questions are great ways to ace the ending of a job interview, it also involves consistent professionalism and timely follow-up throughout the entire hiring process.

In this post we’ve gathered nine insightful tips from top Robert Half talent solutions professionals. From displaying your soft skills to addressing missed or poorly answered questions, these strategies will help you stand out in your next interview.

  • Display excellent soft skills
  • Show gratitude and appreciation
  • Express interest and offer clarification
  • Exhibit confidence and ask for the job
  • Leave with a positive closing statement
  • Close interview with enthusiasm
  • Send a thank-you note and research the interviewer
  • Ask for feedback
  • Address missed or poorly answered questions


Display excellent soft skills

The biggest suggestion I have for leaving a lasting impression at the end of a job interview is displaying excellent soft skills. A firm handshake, good eye contact, exchanging pleasantries, and showing gratitude can go a very long way. Building rapport and thanking the interviewer for their time is something I highly recommend. I also advise asking about next steps with the interview process and communicating a strong desire to join the organization if the role and organization line up with your career aspirations.

David Song, branch director


Show gratitude and appreciation

Taking a moment after an interview to acknowledge and thank the interviewer for their time goes a long way. Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated. A sentence or two showcasing your gratitude gives them a glimpse of what it would be like working alongside you. No one has ever been called too gracious.

Amanda Sepulveda, talent manager


Express interest and offer clarification

End the interview by thanking the interviewer for their time. Express your interest in the role and company and ask if there are any additional questions about your background that might help in making a decision about your candidacy. This will provide one more opportunity to showcase your skillset and experience, address any concerns they might have and provide the clarification they may need on any discussion points during the meeting.

Jen Green, vice president and branch director


Exhibit confidence and ask for the job

Be super confident and ask for the job! Express your confidence in your ability to excel in the role and contribute to the company’s success.

Share specific examples or achievements that demonstrate your capabilities and relevant skills. If you have looked up the interviewer on LinkedIn or have gathered information about them during the interview, try to find a common interest or background.

Also, ask about the next steps in the hiring process and express your interest in moving forward. This shows proactive engagement and keenness for the role. Ask for the job!  

“When would you like me to start?”

Van Tran, senior practice director


Leave with a positive closing statement

Oftentimes, companies are interviewing many candidates for the same role. It is important to make a positive closing statement! At the end of the interview, before you leave, summarize why you qualify for the position and the value that you can bring to the team. Reiterate your interest in the company, specifically the particular role, and always ask about the next steps! Ending an interview with strong communication skills helps to set you apart from the others!

Brittany Taylor, practice director


Close interview with enthusiasm

Always close the interview! Most interviewers will end with, “Thanks for coming in. We're meeting with a few additional candidates, but we’ll let you know.” Here’s your opportunity to stand out and leave a positive and memorable impression. Be sincere and enthusiastic! Let the interviewer know how excited you are about the opportunity. Briefly highlight how your experience matches the job requirements, that you can start immediately (or the earliest date you can start), and that you would gladly accept if offered the position. Never forget to dress professionally, maintain good eye contact and thank everyone for their time.

Brooke Adams, practice director


Send a thank-you note and research the interviewer

The traditional thank-you note or email still holds significant value, especially in the context of interviews. It’s advisable to prepare the message in advance so that it can be sent or mailed immediately after the interview.

Researching the manager or interviewer on LinkedIn prior to the interview is also beneficial. It’s useful to have some facts and talking points about their work history with the company. Sending them a request to connect on LinkedIn is also a good idea.

Ann Coleman Brogan, practice director


Ask for feedback

Never leave the end of an interview without asking for feedback. This will give you an idea of where you stand and demonstrates your confidence without being arrogant or assumptive. It shows you are serious about your career and possess a level of maturity that distinguishes you from other applicants.

You want to leave the interviewer with the impression that you’re coachable and committed to learning new skills. It’s your last chance to provide anything additional you may have overlooked sharing earlier, or an opportunity to offer clarification on something that may have been unclear to the interviewer. Not leaving any stone unturned is important, and if you don’t ask, you won’t know. If you want to leave the interview coming from a position of strength, be genuine in your request for feedback and receive it gracefully. It can only improve your candidacy as well as set you up for success in the future.

Amy Keitt, senior vice president


Address missed or poorly answered questions

At the end of the interview, if you feel like you could have answered a question differently, provided a better example, or skipped a question altogether, this is your time to make a correction or address a question before closing out the interview. Leave everything on the table and be proud of how you represented yourself!

Jesse Cook, assistant vice president, practice directorRobert Half recruiters (top row, from left): Amy Keitt, David Song, Amanda Sepúlveda, Brooke Adams and Jesse Cook; (bottom row, from left): Jen Green, Brittany Taylor, Ann Coleman Brogan and Van Tran.

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