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Yapping loudly on the phone. Eating reheated tuna casserole at your desk. Barging into a colleague’s workspace without being invited. These are all excellent ways to earn the ire of your coworkers.

While digital etiquette faux pas tend to receive a lot of attention these days, displaying poor cubicle etiquette can also hurt your career. Are you going to get fired for chewing your gum too noisily or forgetting to promptly return the stapler you’re constantly borrowing? Probably not. Could your questionable cubicle etiquette make your colleagues hate you? Quite possibly. And if your colleagues dislike you (or merely find certain behaviors annoying), that can create problems when it comes to communication and collaboration.

Cubicle etiquette isn’t complicated. It involves two things: self-awareness and respect. Prove yourself to be a courteous cube-mate by remaining attuned to habits that could prove distracting and maintain a healthy regard for the eyes, ears and noses of those around you.