Why do you love your job? Read on to find out why I love my job and what some workers had to say when asked what they like most about theirs.

If you asked me why I love my job, I could go on and on about how I have rewarding work. I have enjoyed writing since I was in third grade, and I’m fortunate to make a living now doing something I find challenging and inspiring. The process of putting words together and creating something that’s meaningful to others simply makes me happy. Working with great colleagues is icing on the cake.

What does it mean to love your job?

It’s an interesting process to slow down and think about exactly why you love your job, zeroing in on the specific reasons you are motivated to go to work each day. Here’s what some customer service representatives who found employment through OfficeTeam said when we asked them to answer this question: "Complete this statement: 'I love my job because ...'":

  • “I love meeting new people every day. I love solving problems, making people feel better. We stay busy, and the day flies by. I go home at night knowing I may not have changed the world, but I did at least make someone else’s day brighter.”
  • “I really do enjoy helping others. While there can be similar problems, each customer sees things differently, and working with them is a unique experience. I take satisfaction knowing I was able to solve the problem, and they are grateful. I also like facing challenging to improve relationships with our customers.”
  • “I am the type who enjoys working with 'live' people both internally and externally. I like being part of a team that fixes problems, netting in happy customers.”
  • “I like interacting with people. I enjoy being a problem solver. My work is valued here, and I am appreciated.”
  • “I’ve learned a lot about working with different types of customers and people from around the continent. I’ve enjoyed being able to help people directly over the phone and spread knowledge I’ve learned about our products.”

Steps to take so you can say, "I love my job!"

If you're looking to strengthen the feeling that you're doing rewarding work, keep in mind that a few small steps might be all it takes for you to love your job more. Here are some quick and easy tips to consider:

  • Take a personal inventory on reasons to feel gratitude in your professional life.
  • Review your career development opportunities and make use of the available options. Be sure to speak to your manager so he or she is aware of your desire to grow your skills and so you can focus your efforts in the right direction.
  • Appreciate the positive interactions you've had with coworkers and take steps, if necessary, to becoming a better coworker.
  • Think of all the ways your job motivates and inspires you. This is an especially powerful exercise for identifying reasons you love your job.

While not everyone has the job of his or her dreams, there are almost always good reasons to love your job — at least some aspects of it. And if rewarding work at your current job is proving elusive, then you can take pleasure in the fact that finding a job you do love may only be a short job search away. Whatever your situation, it's always possible to get to a place where you can say "I love my job" every day, even if you're only thinking it silently to yourself.

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