Java GUI is used to write programs that range from applets to stand-alone applications.

Unlike traditional programs, GUI programs are event-driven. A user clicks a button or presses a key for something to happen; the program responds to the click or the press or whatever else generates the event.

Java is one of the primary languages for developing native Android apps and back-ends for enterprise software. So adding new Java skills is a surefire way to make yourself more marketable. These five Java GUI tutorials can help get you there:

1. Brush up on Java Swing

Java Swing is an additional set of program components that work with the prewritten code called Java Foundation Classes. By using JFC and Swing, a programmer can write programs in an operating system other than Windows. You can create GUIs for applications and applets using JFC and Swing.

2. Incorporate JavaFX

A separate tutorial from Oracle gives instructions on how to incorporate JavaFX into a Swing application. Java programmers use the JavaFX software platform to create and deliver rich Internet applications that run on a variety of devices.

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3. Check out a free programming tutorial provides free tutorials on web development, including tutorials on Java GUI programming, layout, graphics, responding to events, and displaying applets on websites.

4. Go deep

The Udemy course Java Swing (GUI) Programming: From Beginner to Expert, which you can preview for free, is a bargain at $49. It’s taught by former software developer and contractor John Purcell and runs the gamut, like the title says.

Purcell also runs the website Cave of Programming, where many more programming tutorials are stashed — many of them free.

5. Look to the old favorites

It may sound strange, but don’t overlook YouTube as a resource. A cursory search turns up Java GUI tutorials on a number of topics, among them NetBeans and Eclipse.

Your Java GUI skills can be enhanced, learned anew or taken to the next level with the help of online tutorials. So, poke around within the tutorials and devote yourself to the one you like best. Your bottom line will thank you, as your Java GUI know-how likely will be in demand with many employers.