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Robert Half offers a number of webinars and podcasts that explore industry trends and the latest workplace research. You can also build the skills you need to advance your career or manage more effectively.

Some webinars we offer qualify for continuing professional education (CPE) credit, continuing legal education (CLE) credit, or other certifications. Credit eligibility varies between live and on-demand webinars, by type of credit offered, and by other factors. Please read the information on the registration page carefully to determine any credit eligibility for individual webinars.


Webinars for finance and accounting professionals

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On-demand webinars

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Turning Corporate Culture Into a Competitive Advantage – It Starts With the People

Every organization wants to build a positive corporate culture, but few can define what that means, and fewer still can achieve it. No longer a priority only for human resources or a templatized term plugged into job descriptions, corporate culture serves as a competitive advantage the C-suite – and your employees – are paying more attention to than ever before.

Panelists will address:

  1. What makes a great corporate culture and who is responsible for it
  2. How corporate culture can be measured, monitored and changed
  3. Tips for building a positive corporate culture
  4. Ways corporate culture impacts employee performance, recruiting and retention

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Recorded on April 25, 2018.

Deriving Value from the Updated COSO ERM Framework

Gain new insight into Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in this complimentary webinar. Informed by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations’ (COSO) Enterprise Risk Management – Integrating with Strategy and Performance, top executives from Protiviti and COSO discuss the importance of the new framework and its potential impact for companies in today’s dynamic, unpredictable business environment.

View the webinar to find out:

  1. How companies can use the new framework to achieve best results
  2. Critical success factors for driving results from ERM initiatives
  3. The potential value of a risk-informed ERM program

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Recorded on October 12, 2017.

Embracing Analytics in Auditing: Key Findings From the 2017 Internal Audit Capabilities and Needs Survey

In a digital world, now is the time for internal audit functions to embrace analytics. This is the most significant takeaway from Protiviti’s 2017 Internal Audit Capabilities and Needs Survey. The survey results show that chief audit executives and internal audit professionals increasingly leverage analytics in the audit process, as well as for a host of continuous auditing and monitoring activities.

During this 90-minute webinar, panelists cover these key trends:

  1. Data analytics is gaining a foothold in internal auditing.
  2. Most internal audit shops are still in their “analytics infancy.”
  3. The more mature analytics capabilities are, the greater value they’re perceived to deliver.
  4. Cybersecurity, cloud, mobile tech and big data are top of mind.
  5. Business and digital transformation are drawing more attention.

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Recorded on April 12, 2017.

IPO-Ready: Game Planning for a Public Offering

This one-hour webinar is an educational forum with Protiviti and ICR to provide participants with insights on:

  • Capital markets
  • Recent IPO lessons learned
  • The view from the CFO
  • IPO readiness considerations
  • Developing an investor communication plan

Panelists discuss:

  • Capital markets update — current investment bank trends
  • IPO readiness — common challenges and must-haves for the C-suite
  • Current and future regulatory environments and the potential impact on your IPO
  • Public offering lessons learned from a CFO
  • Crafting a communications plan

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Recorded on April 4, 2017.

Managing Your Organization's Culture During Rapid Growth

Watch the webinar by Protiviti and Equilar on Managing Your Organization's Culture During Rapid Growth. Panelists discuss talent and culture during periods of rapid growth, especially before or after an IPO. Topics include:

  • Challenges associated with attracting talent
  • Benchmarking against your peers and the competition
  • Retaining top talent during growth and after an IPO
  • Creating the right team to design/mature the processes and infrastructure changes required to scale for growth

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Recorded on December 8, 2016.

Four Key Questions to Ask to Build Business Knowledge

In this one-hour webinar, Ann M. Butera, president of The Whole Person Project, Inc. and author of Mastering the Five Tiers of Audit Competency, explains three techniques you can use to plan audits that deliver useful results within budget and without excessive audit risk.

Key takeaways from this webinar include how to:

  • Minimize audit risk by using a planning checklist.
  • Optimize a planning memo to effectively document the factors and facts that affect your decisions concerning the audit’s scope and objectives. 
  • Analyze processes rapidly to gain an understanding of the process, entity or activity under review. 
  • Think critically about the information you collect to set useful audit objectives and scope.

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Recorded on November 16, 2016.

It’s Time to Talk Money: What to Know About Financial Hiring and Getting Hired Today

In this one-hour webinar, Robert Half's Paul McDonald and other senior leaders discuss the 2017 hiring and compensation trends in accounting and finance.

The webinar covers:

  • Trends driving financial hiring
  • In-demand positions and skills
  • How employers can attract and retain top performers
  • Tips for navigating today’s job market
  • What matters to millennials

Recorded on November 1, 2016.

Get Ready for the Second Wave of Millennials: Gen Z’s Role in a Multigenerational Workforce

In this one-hour webinar, Robert Half, along with industry experts and a recent college graduate, examine the expanding multigenerational workforce. Learn strategies to recruit and manage these new professionals and get helpful tips on how to merge them into your existing workforce.

What you’ll get out of this webinar:

  • An overview of the four generations currently active in the workplace
  • Data on how the generations work and what they value
  • Insights into the priorities, preferences and communication styles of the newest Millennials — Gen Zers
  • Guidance on how to successfully integrate Gen Zers into multigenerational work teams

Recorded on September 7, 2016.



Webinars for administrative professionals

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On-demand webinars

Emotional Intelligence: Why You Need It Now

Think “emotional intelligence” is just the latest buzzword? Think again. According to new research from OfficeTeam, having a high emotional quotient (EQ) is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced, collaborative workplace — and it’s often valued more than IQ! Administrative jobs, in particular, require strong emotional intelligence.

Find out how a high EQ can help you in your career and get advice for improving your skills in this area.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • What exactly emotional intelligence is
  • Why it’s so important for workers to have a high EQ
  • How to increase your emotional intelligence
  • Tips for highlighting your EQ when applying for jobs

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Recorded on April 25, 2017.

Straight Talk About Salaries: A Guide to Administrative Hiring and Getting Hired Today

Salaries for administrative professionals are on the rise. Workers, are you being paid accordingly? Managers, is the compensation you’re providing competitive enough to attract and retain top employees?

This webinar provides strategies for the most current salary and hiring trends, based on research from the OfficeTeam 2017 Salary Guide.

Watch the recording below to learn:

  • Hiring trends in the administrative field for 2017
  • In-demand jobs with the biggest pay raises in the U.S. and Canada
  • The most-wanted administrative skills
  • Salary negotiation do’s and don’ts

Recorded February 1, 2017.



Webinars and podcasts for legal professionals

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Information Management in the Legal Profession

Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) surround us — from voice-powered digital assistants and smart home devices to self-driving cars, purchase predictions, industrial robotics, and beyond. Within the legal field, machine learning is being used to enhance a broad range of activities, including large-scale document search and review, records management, research, and predicting legal outcomes.

  • Learn how artificial intelligence and similar machine learning is being applied to automate the information management function
  • Explore how AI machine-learning capability is helping classify data
  • Learn about innovative AI-based systems on the horizon

Complimentary CLE Event: November 28, 2018

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On-demand webinars

What the Latest Cybersecurity Developments Mean for Legal Teams

In the wake of high-profile cyberattacks, managing attorneys and their general counsel counterparts are facing increased pressure — and growing challenges — to protect their organizations.

In this 60-minute complimentary webinar, panelists discuss key cybersecurity trends and share best practices to strengthen security and minimize risk management, including:

  • Lessons learned from recent cyberattacks that offer legal teams new strategies for defense
  • What firms and companies often overlook when it comes to data protection
  • The many forms of cyberattacks — from ransomware to malware, denial-of-service to phishing, and more
  • The security implications of using artificial intelligence platforms
  • Effectively managing the proliferation of security risks posed by the Internet of Things

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Recorded October 23, 2017.

DFARS 7012 Compliance: Strategies to Implement Now to Meet December 31 Deadlines

Whether your company is just starting the compliance process, or your in-house team is assessing security measures already in place, meeting the latest cybersecurity rules from the U.S. Department of Defense (DFARS 252.204-7012) by year-end may seem daunting. In this video, panelists explain DOD requirements and share viable strategies companies can follow to be compliant by December 31, 2017. Discussion topics include:

  • Identifying controlled defense information (CDI) and controlled unclassified information (CUI)
  • Required safeguards — NIST SP 800-171
  • Key strategies to assess, respond to and comply with the “Safeguarding” Contract Clause (-7012)
  • Leveraging existing cybersecurity assessments and best-practice frameworks
  • Strategies for sufficient controls and plans to achieve them
  • Opportunities for clarification, waiver and validation of company-specific responses
  • Key features of required cyber-event reporting


  • John DiDuro, Director, Government Services, Protiviti
  • Robert S. Metzger, Shareholder, Rogers Joseph O’Donnell, PC
  • Mark J. Lipin, Director, Enterprise Security, Esterline Technologies Corp.

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Recorded February 23, 2017.

Strategic Use of Email in Internal Investigations

Robert Half Legal worked with Morrison & Foerster and Protiviti to produce a webinar focused on email investigations. This webinar provides practical advice on the use of email in internal investigations and strategies, as well as tips and other guidance to assist companies in conducting email investigations that are responsive to the respective allegations while avoiding some of the pitfalls that cause investigative costs to mushroom out of control.


  • Bob Hennigan, Associate Director, Protiviti Forensic
  • Scott Moritz, Managing Director, Protiviti Forensic
  • Marshall Matus, Manager, Robert Half Legal
  • James M. Koukios, Esq., Partner, Morrison & Foerster, LLP

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Recorded November 15, 2016.


How California’s Consumer Privacy Act May Impact Your Legal Team

In June 2018, the Governor of California signed into law a privacy bill with significant implications for any organization worldwide that possesses or collects personal information on California citizens. Referred to as the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, the law, which will take effect on January 1, 2020, already has companies working hard to understand its implications and to identify actions they need to take to achieve compliance.

In this episode of The Robert Half Legal Report, host Charles Volkert, senior district president at Robert Half Legal, is joined by two members of the company’s consulting solutions practice – managing director Joel Wuesthoff and director Samantha Kim. They discuss the new California data privacy mandate, explore specific rights that the law grants to California consumers regarding the privacy of their data and examine which types of businesses – and law firms – are subject to the legislation. They also review key steps organizations should take to ensure they attain compliance with the law by the January 2020 deadline.

GDPR is now in effect: What are the next steps for legal teams?

While the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective in May 2018, many corporate legal departments and law firms across the country remain focused on conforming to its far-reaching data protection and privacy mandates. In this episode of The Robert Half Legal Report, host Charles Volkert, senior district president at Robert Half Legal, is joined by two members of the company’s consulting solutions practice – managing director Joel Wuesthoff and director Samantha Kim. They outline critical requirements of the GDPR and discuss the challenges that many organizations face in their compliance efforts. They also offer helpful insights for global firms and discuss essential strategies to help them achieve compliance with the provisions of the GDPR.

Strengthening Legal Workplace Diversity and Inclusion with Pipeline Programs

Maintaining and engaging a diverse workforce isn’t just a matter of equal opportunity – it’s an essential business strategy, with value tied to a broad range of perspectives, knowledge and skills. In this episode of the Robert Half Legal Report, attorneys Charles Volkert, senior district president at Robert Half Legal, and Joy Dingle, the director of legal diversity pipeline programs at Street Law, Inc., examine how legal community partnerships are being used to expose youth in underrepresented groups to the legal profession and help build a diverse pipeline of students who are interested in legal careers.

Tips to Take Your Legal Career to New Heights in 2018

Looking to re-energize your legal career, increase your marketability or boost your earning potential in 2018? In this episode of The Robert Half Legal Report, attorneys Charles Volkert, senior district president of Robert Half Legal and Billie Moliere, a district president with the company, discuss the latest hiring trends and the hottest practice areas driving demand for attorneys, paralegals and legal support professionals. They offer tips and proven strategies — including how to enhance your resume, build a professional brand, make a lateral move and boost your networking efforts — to jumpstart your legal career in a dynamic job market.

Strengthening Diversity: A Business Imperative for Today’s Law Firms

Diversity and inclusion policies are becoming more important to a firm’s bottom line and can contribute to its long-term growth and success in the legal field. In this episode of The Robert Half Legal Report, host Charles Volkert, senior district president of Robert Half Legal, and Dawn Siler-Nixon, diversity and inclusion partner at FordHarrison, discuss current trends and share law practice management strategies for establishing and maintaining a legal workplace that values diversity and inclusiveness.

Legal Jobs Spotlight: Top Hiring and Compensation Trends for 2017

Effective hiring and compensation strategies are essential to a legal organization’s ability to motivate current employees and attract top talent. In this episode of The Robert Half Legal Report, host Charles Volkert, senior district president of Robert Half Legal, and Billie Watkins, district president for Robert Half Legal, explore legal hiring and compensation trends expected to shape the legal field in the coming year. They provide insights on legal jobs and specialized skills in the spotlight and forecast legal positions most likely to see the greatest gains in starting salaries in the months ahead. They also discuss how law firms and in-house legal departments can strengthen recruitment and retention of legal professionals if they can’t match lawyer salary hikes announced by many large law firms last summer.

Changing Roles and Staffing Models for Paralegals and Other Legal Support Professionals

In this episode of The Robert Half Legal Report, attorney Charles Volkert, senior district president of Robert Half Legal, and Carl Morrison, certified paralegal at Foran Glennon in Las Vegas and NALS board member, examine the changing roles of paralegals and other support professionals in today’s legal workplace. They discuss the expanding skill set and expertise required of paralegals, legal assistants and legal secretaries and new legal staffing models being deployed. They also share insights on how legal support personnel can strengthen their capabilities to be successful in the evolving legal environment.

Cybersecurity Issues Demand Proactive and Collective Management Strategies From Legal and IT Teams

In this two-part series of The Robert Half Legal Report, host Charles Volkert, senior district president of Robert Half Legal, and leading industry experts examine data privacy and security issues that are demanding the attention of legal and IT teams across industry sectors. Learn about the particular risks law firms and legal departments face and the prevention strategies legal teams and their IT counterparts are implementing.

eDiscovery Management, Part One: Setting up Legal Teams for Success

As the amount of electronic data continues to proliferate, managing eDiscovery is increasingly challenging for law firms, their clients and corporate legal departments — and it’s unlikely to get any easier in the near future. In this episode of The Robert Half Legal Report, host Charles Volkert, senior district president of Robert Half Legal, and leading experts Frank Serge and Sunny Sanghani discuss current eDiscovery trends and share proven strategies to help set up legal teams for success.

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eDiscovery Management, Part Two: Minimizing Social Media, Cloud Computing and Data Privacy Risks

Data privacy has been front-page news in the wake of massive data breaches, and a growing number of organizations are looking to their legal counsel to help them understand the intricacies and legal issues associated with data privacy — and effectively minimize risks. In this episode of The Robert Half Legal Report, host Charles Volkert, senior district president of Robert Half Legal, and leading experts Frank Serge and Sunny Sanghani discuss what law firms and legal departments are doing to minimize risk as it relates to social media, cloud computing and data privacy.

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