The Latest Workplace Trends and Research

OfficeTeam conducts extensive workplace research on the administrative profession to provide administrative professionals and employers with resources and advice to help them better understand the industry.

A competitive advantage

In order to gain a competitive advantage over other candidates, job seekers today must have knowledge about the latest workplace trends and developments, as well as what it takes to move forward in the industry. On the other hand, understanding the latest workplace trends will allow employers to stay in touch with the latest issues affecting the industry.

Workplace research

Take a look at our latest workplace research based on data gathered by OfficeTeam:

  • Business Sense: Putting Your Intuition to Work — Workplace trends demonstrate that the majority of administrative professionals use their gut instincts to make decisions. Discover how professionals can use intuition effectively to anticipate the needs of others and advance their careers. Our workplace research will guide professionals in learning to predict the likely outcomes of others' behaviors, identify solutions to business problems and make better decisions, thereby making themselves more valuable to their organization. Though geared toward administrative professionals, this guide will assist employers in better understanding their employees.