Where to Begin Your Search for Customer Service Jobs

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Many administrative jobs include a customer service component these days. Call center representatives, administrative assistants and receptionists are just a few of these positions. If helping people is your passion, one of a wide variety of customer service jobs could be right for you.

Great customer service, defined
The first step in landing a job is to know what customer service actually entails. Sure, everybody has their own definition, but, at its core, great customer service means anticipating a client's needs and striving to exceed them. It's treating every customer with courtesy and respect at all times. It means listening to and interpreting customer needs clearly, offering solutions and providing education on products and services to achieve customer satisfaction.

Know your customer service role
The next step in searching for customer service jobs is to pinpoint just what kind of role you want – and are qualified – to pursue. Start with a free resource like the OfficeTeam Salary Guide, which includes salary ranges for more than 60 positions in HR, healthcare, general administration and more. The guide also features regional hiring data and trends and job descriptions that can help you determine the skills and experience needed for each position.

As you look through the Salary Guide, think about what you are good at, what past jobs you've held, what type of training and education you have completed and what customer service duties you enjoy doing. For example, if you've performed data entry at a medical clinic, a customer service job in healthcare could be an option. Conversely, if you have excellent interpersonal skills and love helping others, you may be well suited to a job as a call center representative.

Sharpen your customer service skills
After considering the kinds of customer service jobs you would enjoy and doing an inventory of your skills, you may benefit from additional training and education. In other words, make yourself as marketable as possible by seeking out professional development opportunities.

Take classes through local colleges or industry associations, attend seminars hosted by industry associations, or consider online training opportunities. If you're currently working, sign up for any professional development opportunities offered by your employer.

Search for customer service jobs online
Do an online search to find a variety of job boards, job aggregator sites, social media channels, networking groups and staffing company websites to choose from.

Register with a staffing agency
Searching for a job on your own can be difficult. If you're currently employed, finding time is even more challenging. One of the most effective strategies for finding customer service jobs – or any type of employment – is registering with a specialized staffing firm.

When you have a recruiter on your side, you increase your search capabilities exponentially. Because of their deep relationships with employers, staffing agency specialists often have the inside scoop on customer service jobs that are not yet posted.

The recruiter can also give you personalized advice on refreshing your resume, crafting a compelling cover letter and updating your skill set. And some firms give you access to free online training sessions to help you strengthen your marketability.

For more guidance in searching for customer service jobs, consider these excellent career resources.