The Secrets to Staffing Admin Jobs Better and Faster

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Managers shoulder many responsibilities, including finding candidates to staff openings for admin jobs. But wading through countless resumes and conducting numerous interviews, hoping to find the right person for the job can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Finding candidates who possess the big four – strong communication skills, technical expertise, initiative and compatibility with the corporate culture – isn't easy. At times, the process can seem as challenging as finding that miniscule needle in a very large haystack. Here's how you can jump-start your recruiting process and fill admin jobs more quickly and efficiently:

  • Rewrite, don't recycle. Reassess the requirements of the role and write a new job description based on the position's current needs. A previously used cut-and-paste job posting may not accurately depict what you're presently looking for in an administrator and won't attract the right candidates.
  • If you list it, they will come. Advertise administrative positions on job boards like CareerBuilder, Indeed and your business's website. Keep your website up-to-date with information about the company so candidates can learn about your mission, history, benefits, community involvement and other aspects that make you an employer of choice. You can gauge whether candidates are truly interested in the position if they include information from the website in their resume and cover letter or ask pertinent questions during the interview.
  • Inquire within. Use your internal and external professional networks as resources when seeking candidates for admin jobs. Reach out to your contacts for referrals, and offer employees incentives to recommend potential hires. You should also mention that you're looking for a new administrator at business meetings, lunches and social events.
  • Get your social on. Take advantage of social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ to post admin jobs and search for promising candidates. Social networking allows you to interact with administrative professionals and gives you a forum to promote your company.
  • Connect with your community. Career centers, chambers of commerce, and alumni offices of local colleges and technical schools can be great resources for finding candidates for admin jobs.
  • Keep your former employees close. Stay connected with previous administrative professionals, including temporary workers, you'd be interested in hiring back if a position became available. They have a proven track record plus enhanced experience gained from working at other jobs.
  • Call on the experts. Use a staffing firm specializing in the administrative profession to find qualified candidates who fit your needs. Professional recruiters do the legwork for you and provide access to the best and brightest administrators, including those who aren't actively in the market for a job.

Finding the right candidates for admin jobs doesn't have to be a laborious process. These and other tips can help you effectively search for skilled administrative professionals and staff open positions in less time.