The Stiff Competition for Creative Jobs Today

Looking to land a creative job? You better be prepared to flaunt what you've got. The competition is fierce and employers are searching for people with very specific, high-demand skill sets.

What exactly are you up against in today's job market? Well, according to a recent survey by The Creative Group, advertising and marketing executives interviewed said they receive 23 resumes, on average, for every open creative position. They then meet with six applicants, on average, before filling the role.

That means if you're lucky enough to be called in for an interview, you still have to beat out five other contenders. Here's an inside look at the hiring process, by the numbers.


Beating Your Competition

While hiring in the creative industry is on an upswing, companies continue to be cautious. They want to make sure they find the candidate with the precise skill set and cultural fit they're looking for. How can you prove you're that person? As the data shows, having a targeted resume and polished interview skills is a must. Follow the advice in these articles to get a leg up on the competition:

Resume Help:

Job Interview Help:

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