Save Your Sanity, Save the Day With Accounting Temps

By Robert Half on January 31, 2016 at 11:00am

A disheveled manager in a blizzard of paperwork told her boss how overwhelmed she and her staff were feeling by the stepped-up workloads they were shouldering at the company. She decided to do something about it by bringing in accounting temps to get some relief.

This manager's not alone. Ninety-two percent of the CFOs interviewed in a recent Accountemps survey cited one of the benefits of working with temporary professionals was access to specialized skills on an as-needed basis.

How else can accounting temps save the day? Almost as many CFOs in the survey cited the value of bringing in temporary professionals so they can evaluate prospective full-time employees first hand, maintain productivity when they're not ready to hire full-time staff, alleviate the workloads of full-time staff and fill in for employee absences.

Here are five tips to get accounting temps up to speed and seamlessly integrated into your team:

1. Give staff a heads-up

Inform your full-time staff members when the temps are expected to arrive. Explain the role these workers will play and what specific duties they'll tackle. This will ensure there's no confusion when the reinforcements arrive, while helping everyone boost productivity in the workplace.

2. Prepare a workspace for the new temps

Will the interim employees work exclusively in a common room or will they need their own individual workspaces? Make sure the areas where they will work have all the necessary computer equipment and supplies.

3. Conduct an orientation on the first day

On their first day, give the accounting temps an orientation with a tour of your office, explaining the day-to-day workflow. Also provide a brief summary of policies and procedures. Introduce them to everyone on the team. If you won’t be supervising the team yourself, designate a liaison for the accounting temps.

Provide clear direction from the start of the assignment, including deadlines, and keep the lines of communication open.

4. Treat them like regular employees

Even though they aren't full-time employees, include temporary staff in all relevant meetings. Make sure they receive emails and other communications about goings-on in the company. Make them feel welcome by inviting them to team lunches and other staff outings.

5. Acknowledge their efforts

Get the best out of all your team members, including the accounting temps, by consistently recognizing their efforts. Provide regular feedback and thank your staff, at all levels.

Supplementing your team with accounting temps is a cost-effective strategy to meet your business demands, whether you're looking for someone to eventually become a full-time employee, or you need help to handle a short-term spike in activities, such as tax season.

Are you ready to find out more about the benefits of working with a staffing agency to find temporary accounting professionals? We can help you hire!

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