Staffing Advice

3 Ways to Reduce Inappropriate Expense Report Requests

You would think in the digital age, where company policies are more shareable and accessible than ever before, employees would know what types of expense report requests are acceptable — and not. However, findings from a recent Robert Half Management Resources survey suggest many workers may need some help understanding the difference. In a recent article, Tim Hird, executive director for Robert Half Management Resources, presented three strategies that can help managers reduce off-base expense report requests.

Is It Time to Hire at Your Company?

Do you need to add a new employee? Discover common scenarios that can help you determine whether you’re adequately staffed or it’s time to hire.

Seeking a Greater Connection

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Follow These Tips to Retain Your Top Legal Professionals

With big law firms able to offer salary hikes to their lawyers that boutique firms can't match, many people in the legal profession wonder how these smaller law firms and in-house legal teams can compete with the larger organizations to retain top talent.