Hot Job: Marketing Manager

By Robert Half on August 11, 2014 at 2:00pm

Do you have a knack for knowing customers and what they want from a brand? A marketing manager brings analytical skill and a flair for communication to the art of branding.

Nowadays there are more and more avenues for marketers to capture our eyes and ears. Relative newcomers like Internet radio and banner ads have lined up alongside traditional billboards, print ads and TV spots. They're digital, they're mobile and they're multiplying faster than ever. More media means more to manage.

Enter the marketing manager, who understands where to find a client's current and potential customers, what message to convey to them and how to keep those messages aligned at every point of contact. But the job doesn't stop there. A marketing manager also measures the success of a campaign by analyzing web and social metrics.

Here's a look at the typical marketing manager job description and salary expectations.

Marketing manager duties and expectations

A typical marketing manager job description includes duties like overseeing the daily operation of a company's website and email marketing program. These professionals might also be responsible for overseeing social media marketing or coordinating with social media managers. Senior marketing managers may lead a team or have responsibility for marketing a specific product.

Most marketing manager jobs require market research and analysis, plus campaign strategy and evaluation. Marketing managers are expected to work well with senior management and coordinate the work of creative teams. Knowledge of new and emerging social media channels is also turning up with greater frequency in marketing manager job descriptions.

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Professional experience and skills

Many marketing manager job listings require a four-year degree in marketing, communications or a related field, and four or more of marketing experience. Candidates should possess qualitative research skills like facilitating focus groups or crowdsourcing. Expect to see analytical skills in the job description, too. These can range from handling data in a spreadsheet to more statistical analysis tools such as SPSS.

Creativity and communication skills feature prominently in most marketing manager job descriptions. Marketing managers often need to collaborate with or direct copywriters and designers. Mid-level and senior marketing managers need strong communication skills in order to sell ideas to C-level executives and business managers.

Specific requirements vary by position. For example, an email marketing manager should be skilled in copywriting, list building and testing. In addition to these skills, an interactive marketing manager must understand web technologies like HTML and CSS, and have experience working with web design teams. Because so many marketing manager jobs now have some responsibility for online marketing, experience with Google Analytics, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Moz and other tools for analyzing online engagement is becoming more in demand.

Marketing manager salary benchmarks

According to The Creative Group Salary Guide, starting salaries for marketing managers are on the rise. E-commerce marketing managers are predicted to see a 4 percent increase over 2013 salaries, with starting salaries now ranging from $81,500 to $111,500. Email marketing managers can expect $67,000 to $88,500. Interactive marketing managers are projected to earn a starting salary of $84,000 to $122,000 this year, which is a 5 percent increase over 2013 levels. Use our Salary Calculator to adjust these salaries for your city.


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