Rising fuel prices are hitting employees hard as they return to the office, and many workers are thinking about asking their employers to help cover their gas costs. If you’re among them, Robert Half’s Eric Olson has some suggestions for how you might want to present this request to your employer.

The national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas was hovering around $4.67 per gallon at the start of June, according to the AAA. And U.S. Census Bureau data shows the average one-way commute for an office employee in the United States is around 27.6 minutes.

Together, these figures equal an expensive commute for many U.S. workers. This has many employees hoping their employers will consider stepping up to help them cover their fuel costs.

However, this conversation can be “challenging” to have with an employer, according to Eric Olson, a district president with Robert Half in Denver. But he says workers could make headway on this issue by approaching it with care — and underscoring the potential upside for their employer.

Watch this video to get Olson’s tips for success: