The original version of this article was published in Half Times, the digital magazine for Robert Half employees.

Each year, Robert Half helps U.S veterans find fulfilling jobs following the end of their military service — many of which lead to long-term careers with our clients. And quite a few veterans, such as operational support lead Pam Glover and talent manager Harris Porter, have discovered jobs they love right here within Robert Half’s offices.

In honor of their service to our country and dedication to our company, Pam and Harris are spotlighted in this post, where they discuss their military experiences, the skills they acquired that they now use in their careers and how they successfully transitioned from the military to Robert Half.

Spotlight: Pam Glover

Pam Glover began serving in the U.S. Navy in March 1982 — she wanted to live in a different area outside of her hometown and was unable to attend college at the time. Pam’s service continued until October 1988, leading to more than six years of eye-opening and educational experiences in which she learned about herself and the cultures of many others.

As a service member, Pam helped oversee sailor retirements, gathering information regarding their careers, such as the awards and medals they earned and duty stations they served at, while also communicating their post-service benefits. She changed their active duty IDs to retired IDs and introduced them to resources that could help them use their separation documentation from the military for resumes as they pursued future careers.

Pam also oversaw separation orders for members serving overseas, explaining what their separations entailed and how their entitlements may have changed. She retrieved their active duty military IDs and set up transportation to their homes. As a result of all these experiences, Pam was well prepared for her next career at Robert Half, which she was introduced to through the wife of a fellow Navy personnel who’d already been working here.

“The skills I learned in the military enable me to interact with people of all backgrounds and cultures while also remaining calm, even during stressful times,” Pam says.

With roles ranging from serving as a switchboard operator at Robert Half’s Northbrook, Ill., office to becoming an administrator and regional administrator for our technology practice, Pam has witnessed many changes over the last two decades. “Things change, but the one constant in almost 22 years is this: Robert Half is winning,” she says.

Pam is currently a senior lead administrator for full-time engagement professionals in our finance and accounting and management resources practice groups. In 2019, she served on Robert Half’s Veterans Day panel, which she considers one of the highlights of her career at our company.

“It was wonderful to meet fellow veterans,” she says. “Our dinner the night before the panel was full of great conversations and military stories. It’s wonderful to work for a company that honored us in such a beautiful way. I’m appreciative to be able to share such a special part of my life.”

At Robert Half, the Veterans Affinity Network has been established to provide community and support for veteran employees who’ve served their country. This employee community allows veterans like Pam to reflect on their time in the military, along with their passion — which, in Pam’s case, is as high as ever.

“I served with honor,” Pam says. “I love my country and believe there is no higher honor than to serve as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces.”

Spotlight: Harris Porter

Shortly after graduating from high school, Harris Porter joined the U.S. Marines, an opportunity that led him to travel around the world from January 2011 to January 2016.

Harris participated in boot camp and Marine combat training before enrolling in a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) job language school at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, Calif. From there, he trained at Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas, ultimately completing his training in June 2013 in a Pashto-Afghan language course and a SignIt/cryptologic operator’s course.

Harris was stationed at North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune and then deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, during Operation Enduring Freedom in August 2013. He returned to Camp Lejeune in November 2013, where he stayed for the remainder of his five-year contract.

“I had irreplaceable experiences — I wouldn’t trade them for anything,” Harris says. “My time with the Marine Corps was challenging and unique, but it made me the person I am today.”

During his five years of service, Harris says he learned the value of commitment, communication, leadership and teamwork. He also learned how to work with individuals from all walks of life, communicating effectively across cultural boundaries, which has played an important role in his career success at Robert Half.

Since joining our company in July 2021, through a referral from a former colleague, Harris has been able to interact with candidates and clients with insight and empathy.

“My ability to speak to people with understanding and mindfulness, along with my sense of urgency and big-picture thinking, has been vital for my success,” he explains. “I enjoy helping people find jobs while also being a member of a team of highly driven professionals.”

A talent manager for Robert Half’s administrative and customer support practice group, Harris, who is based in Lehi, Utah, regularly interacts with people from various cultures with different life experiences. Harris says he treasures his conversations with each of the candidates and clients he has spoken to since joining our company.

“Every veteran has a different story, and coming from a place of genuine curiosity is never a bad thing,” Harris says. “But there’s a time and place to ask. As long as people respect that, veterans will be open to sharing experiences that unite generations of Americans.”