The original version of this article was published in Half Times, the digital magazine for Robert Half employees.

When Chris Nelson joined Robert Half as chief marketing officer (CMO) in January 2022, he brought with him a record of success helping companies use digital channels to create top-notch customer experiences that drive revenue, growth and customer loyalty.

Chris’s professional experience, which includes leadership roles at VMware and Wells Fargo, has provided him with the tools to lead Robert Half’s global marketing strategy into the future. His responsibilities at Robert Half include overseeing our digital and web marketing, data analytics, customer insights, and brand identity efforts.

We recently interviewed Chris to learn more about his career path, why he wanted to work at Robert Half, and what he’s passionate about professionally and personally. Here’s what he shared with us:

What has your career journey been like?

I started working at an ad agency right out of college, which was a great proving ground. Then, I went into consulting. I launched into the digital marketing space in the late 1990s and was indoctrinated into data-driven, measurable, targeted media and advertising. That set the course for my career.

What attracted you to Robert Half?

I was impressed by the company’s forward-thinking digital transformation agenda — using machine learning and artificial intelligence to match candidates to positions. I was also taken aback by the incredible tenure. People don’t stay at a company they don’t love.

The chance to be CMO and help tell a compelling story in a very relatable industry seemed like an absolutely great opportunity.

What is your perception of the company so far?

I find it to be very disciplined and process-driven, which is a stark contrast to high tech, where I worked before. I’m also really excited about our growth opportunity.

What makes Robert Half stand out in the industry?

Robert Half seems hyper-focused on taking care of customers and being present in local markets. I’m also excited about our expanding digital services and growth in managed solutions. Add to that our deep functional specialization, and you have a company that’s hard to beat.

This is a great company with a strong heritage. I’d like to look back and know that I helped to create the next great chapter for Robert Half.

What are some of your key priorities for marketing this year?

We want to be equally effective in connecting with clients and candidates through our person-to-person marketing and our digital experiences. So, we’ll continue investing in digital channels, including our website, and in our 1:1 marketing efforts to help with brand differentiation and storytelling.

How has the role of a CMO evolved?

Today, marketing leaders have to be equally comfortable with data and technology. There’s really no separation anymore between marketing and digital marketing. I feel fortunate to have learned both creative and data-driven disciplines.

What are you passionate about professionally and personally?

I’m a learner at heart. So, with a new business to learn and lots of new people to meet, I’m in a perfect situation.

Personally, I’m passionate about food and wine, spending time at our place in Sonoma, Calif., with friends and family, and staying active, which is kind of an obsession, I’d say.

What is a fun fact about you?

I’m a fifth-generation California native who was raised in New England. So, I have an equal love for both coasts. Although, I don’t love February in New England …

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