Part of what makes financial consultant jobs so appealing to professionals looking for diverse work opportunities is that the particulars — the client, project scope, objectives and deadlines — are constantly changing with each new assignment. Without question, the life of a project consultant can be fast-paced and dynamic. Here's some insight into what you can expect when working in financial consultant jobs: 

The responsibilities 

Regardless of the specifics of your assignment, your primary task as a consultant will be to facilitate the completion of periodic project goals and ensure overall objectives are met. This means managing or working with team members (often both full-time and interim) and communicating deadlines to ensure work is completed on time. You also may be tasked with maintaining budgets and interacting directly with a client's vendors. Projects can run the gamut from facilitating audits to assisting senior management. 


The challenges 

Financial consultants face challenges such as: 

  • High pressure situations — Frequently, consultants are brought in when time is of the essence and in-house teams are working at or beyond capacity. You should be prepared to encounter frazzled nerves and an atmosphere of urgency. Some consulting jobs come with steep learning curves, so it helps to be a quick study when it comes to absorbing guidelines and best practices. 
  • Fluctuating guidelines and expectations — During the course of a project, key objectives, including deadlines, can change at a moment's notice. Be ready to pivot and ensure that things stay on course. 
  • Fostering team spirit — Effective collaboration is essential to a successful project. As a consultant, even though you may be working in an unfamiliar environment, part of your responsibilities will include team building and motivating colleagues. 


The benefits 

Despite the challenges, consultant jobs can also be rewarding. Successfully overseeing projects from beginning to end allows you to see the fruits of your labor, and that can make all the effort worthwhile. Benefits include: 

  • Flexibility — This is perhaps the most alluring perk of financial consultant jobs. You can choose when you take on a new project, allowing yourself time for other pursuits. 
  • Diverse projects — Because consultants work on a variety of assignments, they escape the fatigue that sometimes accompanies traditional, full-time jobs. You have the freedom to take on consulting jobs that interest and challenge you. 
  • Learning 'in the field' — By working under pressure in ever-changing roles, project consultants get the opportunity to cultivate new skills and gain valuable experience. 

Working with a staffing agency 

Searching for consultant jobs can be time-consuming — and stressful. A reputable staffing firm that specializes in placing senior-level finance, accounting and business systems professionals can make things easier by identifying projects most closely aligned with your skills and keeping subsequent projects lined up for you. As an added benefit, consultants working with these firms enjoy perks such as free skills training and other consultant benefits. 

If the flexible, fast-paced world of consultant jobs sounds like a good fit for you, start searching for available project opportunities that match your skills today!