Do you frequently share highly personal details about your life on social media? That’s your prerogative. Just keep in mind the distinct differences between your resume and a Facebook status update. When it comes to applying for jobs, providing too much information (or TMI) is just as bad or worse as not offering enough.

While it’s OK to show a little personality in your resume and cover letter, keep the focus on your ability to perform the job you’re seeking. Details related to your age, race, religion, health, family, marital status or physical appearance simply do not belong in your resume.

These misguided applicants apparently missed the memo:

“WHO I AM: I am 25 years old. I was born in western Minneapolis, Minnesota — home of the apple.”

This tidbit is unlikely to bear fruit.

“FAMILY: I am a husband and father. My kid is an idiot who makes bad decisions.”

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“PERSONAL: I am a redhead. Let’s face it, we just automatically kick butt.”

That’s your “mane” selling point?

“OBJECTIVE: I want to relocate due to my divorce.”

But do you have any career-related objectives?

“REFERENCES: My girlfriend.”

She’ll no doubt be impartial.

“INTERESTS: Enjoy ballroom dancing with my hot hubby.”

You’ve twirled off track.