If there’s one thing to remember as you write your resume and cover letter it’s that employers are interested in what you can do for them, not what you want from them. While some job applicants put the cart before the horse by including their salary requirements, other applicants go even further by listing the perks and benefits that they need.

Making any sort of demand or stipulation will only decrease your chances of landing an interview, let alone a job offer.

These applicants had the wrong attitude:

“REQUIREMENTS: My own parking space for once.”

We spot an attitude problem.

“REQUIREMENTS: Yes, I require a retainer!”

Good thing we offer dental insurance.

“REQUIREMENTS: If the position is outside the city, I will need a leashed SUV.”

Or you could just use the parking brake.

“OBJECTIVE: To land a position that offers me more money and more irresponsibility.”

Those two qualities rarely go hand in hand.

COVER LETTER: “My full resume will be emailed ONLY if you agree to interview me.”

You’re out of order.

“REQUIREMENTS: My own office. It can be a hole in the wall with a door, doesn’t matter.”

We suspect this applicant has been shown the door before.