When crafting their resumes, many applicants make the mistake of developing exhaustive laundry lists of every job duty they’ve ever performed. The problem is that prospective employers are far more interested in the impact you made than the tasks you handled.

Impress hiring managers by converting statements that merely describe your duties into ones that highlight your specific achievements in that job. For example, instead of using passive and vague wording such as participated in or was responsible for, employ powerful verbs that show you get things done. Examples include increased, created, led and initiated.

These job seekers emphasized the wrong details and duties:

“JOBS DUTIES: Too many to list. Ask me about it in person at my interview.”

Don’t count on it.

“JOB DUTIES: Truck driver. Drove a truck.”

You don’t say!

“JOB DUTIES: Greeted customers, worked cash register, dressed appropriately.”

Good to know.

“JOB DUTIES: Manage artificial workload.”

We’d prefer to hear about your real workload.

“JOB DUTIES: I punch in projects.”

Data entry by Rocky Balboa.

“JOB DUTIES: Restaurant supervisor: Made recipes for sandwiches and coffee. I even had a sandwich named after me.”

This candidate’s on a roll!

“JOB DUTIES: Assist callers and answer heavy phones.”

That’s one way to build up your biceps.