“There is no such thing as a dumb question."

Well, some employers might disagree with that well-worn cliché after reading one too many misguided cover letters. Remember that when crafting a cover letter, your objective is to supply information, not request it. Keep the queries to a minimum in your application materials, and use the job interview to ask highly informed questions that show you've done your research.

These curious candidates completely missed the mark:

COVER LETTER: “Can you email me and tell me about your company, what you have open and how great of a boss you are? In return, I will email you my resume and attach a cup of coffee to drink while you read it. LOL.”

We’re not laughing.

COVER LETTER: “I am ready to work. How about you? What do you do? What positions do you need filled?”

So much for doing your homework.

COVER LETTER: “I am desperately trying to understand the difference between football in Great Britain and football in America. Can you explain this?

Only if you tell us your career goaaaaal!

COVER LETTER: “I need some ‘away time’ from working. Can you help?”

Sorry, but all of our jobs involve working.

COVER LETTER: “U think ur the employer for me?”

Probably not.

COVER LETTER: “Seriously, why am I bothering to write this letter when I could be making something to eat or going for a walk?”

Don’t let us stop you.