Spring has almost sprung. As you begin making your annual spring-cleaning to-do list, remember to dust off your resume. Periodically updating your resume is just as critical as clearing out junk drawers and tidying up your desk.

In addition to adding noteworthy professional achievements or responsibilities you’ve recently taken on, delete any information that no longer has relevance to your current job or career pursuits. The more cobwebs you leave on your resume, the harder it will be to quickly update if an appealing job opportunity suddenly opens up.

The following applicants should have purged these dated details:

“ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Art award in grammar school.”

A pint-sized Picasso.

“PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: Helped my company, 2007.”

And your contributions to the company since then?


We haven’t heard that term in awhile.

“EDUCATION: Completed a computer typing course in eighth grade.”

We suggest hitting the Delete key on this irrelevant detail.

“ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Ran for state legislature in 1980.”

We vote for an updated resume.

“TECHNICAL SKILLS: I am not up on today’s software. I know Microsoft Word 2000. LOL.”

That counts for something.

“HOBBIES: Played competitive soccer from age 10 to 2004.”

The world’s most experienced job seeker.