Curious which administrative jobs offer the best salaries? The new OfficeTeam 2015 Salary Guide has the answers and I’m sharing them below.

As the saying goes, “Money makes the world go round” and it’s certainly a priority with compensation. If you’re hoping to earn a better administrative salary next year, the answer may be to specialize in healthcare. According to the OfficeTeam 2015 Salary Guide, four out of five of the top-paying jobs for admins will be in this industry.

Here are the 5 highest paying jobs in the administrative field for 2015:

1. Certified Medical Coding Manager -- $69,500 - $91,750
This role oversees the coding department, which is responsible for evaluating medical charts, coding data, and forwarding necessary documentation to medical billers for processing and payment.

2. Member Services Manager -- $56,000 - $74,750
Member services managers work in the healthcare field and supervise staff who take calls from providers and members about claims, benefits and other issues.

3. Certified Coding Specialist -- $51,750 - $68,500
These individuals possess the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) certification. They typically work in a hospital setting, referring to a patient’s medical chart and selecting proper codes to classify procedures performed, diagnostic information collected and treatment provided.

4. Certified Professional Coder -- $51,500 - $68,250
This job requires a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certification. The duties are the same as a certified coding specialist, but this professional typically works in a physician’s office.

5. Senior Executive Assistant -- $50,500 - $67,250
Senior executive assistants provide administrative duties to the most senior executives, particularly in large corporations.

The administrative salary ranges given are national averages at the time of hire. To customize the ranges for the highest paying jobs above to reflect your city, or to download a complete copy of our OfficeTeam 2015 Salary Guide, visit OfficeTeam’s Salary Center.


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