Receptionists know there’s a lot more to their jobs than just answering phones, greeting visitors and perhaps doing a little data entry. Learn why the job can also be a fun one.

As a receptionist, you’re the first point of contact in a company, so it’s a role not to take lightly. However, it’s not all serious business. Here are some ways being a receptionist is a fun job:

  • You get to decide if people are worthy of that coveted “visitor” sticker.
  • There’s probably a candy dish or tasty gift from a client sitting on your desk. No searching high and low for that 3 pm snack!
  • People love to tell you their life stories, so you’re never out of the loop. You know the UPS guy just had a baby boy and that the security guard dreams of becoming a professional chef.
  • You may get to meet important or interesting people who stop by to visit with company executives – people the rest of the staff may never even know were there. “It’s nice to meet you, Bono. Won’t you come this way?”
  • You can make those pens on the reception desk as wacky as you want to discourage people from walking away with them. Attach frog figurines to the top? Why not?
  • You make a difference. You can boost the confidence of a nervous candidate waiting for a job interview in the lobby or be that calm voice on the phone who reassures a client that all is well.
  • You’re the first to know when someone has received flowers and other gifts at work, and get to share the happy news.
  • You’re unforgettable! Even in a large company, everyone passes by your desk, so they know who you are. Wallflower, you are not. And chances are, people say “Good morning!” to you more than anyone else at work.