Just because you're working hard doesn't mean you have to stress yourself out.

Take a tip from Disney’s Frozen and “let it go” for a while. Here are some stress relief techniques to try:

1. Go outside. Schedule a few minutes during the day to take in some fresh air. Just being outside works wonders for reducing stress and has countless other benefits

2. Give your hands a massage. Lotioning up your hands for a stress-relieving massage will make your skin feel good and relieve tension in your joints and ligaments. 

3. Oil up. Or rather keep oils at your desk. Aromatherapy has been shown to decrease stress levels. 

4. Meditate. Perform a meditation at your desk or a comfortable place in the office. Focus on your breath to lower stress in the body. 

5. Jam out. Listening to music can help diminish stress, so listen to your favorite tunes during the workday — using earbuds, of course, not speakers. 

6. Step away from your computer. Taking a break from your computer for at least five minutes every so often will leave you refocused and less anxious. 

7. Eat an orange. An orange a day keeps the stress away. Did you know a dose of Vitamin C can help to reduce stress? So break out this citrusy favorite and peel away.

8. Be aware of your body. Get in a relaxed position, sitting or lying down, and mentally examine how your body feels to find tension, tightness or other signs of stress. 

9. Swivel. Stress wears you out physically. Combat it by at least swiveling in your chair a little throughout the day. You can pretend to be Emperor Palpatine, but hold off on the force lightning.

10. Surf the ’net. You can find places to relax amidst all of the noise on the Internet. Check out Huffington Post’s 10 favorite websites for inspiration

What stress relief techniques do you use at work? Let us know in the comments section.

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