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3 Leaders Get Real About the Gender Gap in Tech

Left to Right: Stephanie Shupe, Senior Software Engineer, Lookout; Sheila Jordan, Chief Information Officer, Symantec Corporation; Aubrey Blanche, ‎Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Atlassian

Does all of the discussion about the gender gap in technology actually create more challenges for women trying to make their mark in the field? We posed this question to three women in technology and also asked them to offer their insights on how companies can increase diversity in their workforce and create more inclusion.


How to Get Your IT Resume into a Hiring Manager's Hands

A stack of resumes.

Whether you’re a web developer, help desk manager or other technology pro, using the right keywords in your IT resume helps ensure it gets past automated gatekeepers and into a hiring manager’s hands.


3 Steps to Improve Productivity at Your Company

Sketch of a man's head with symbols surrounding the sketch that signify things at work where we could improve productivity.

Robert Half Technology recently conducted a survey of office workers that found some potentially shocking results related to employee lost productivity: Surveyed workers said they lose up to six days each year -- spending up to 30 minutes per day -- dealing with IT-related issues. How do you minimize technical issues and improve productivity for employees?


The Future Looks Bright for Technical Support Professionals

A woman who is a help desk analyst speaking into a headset.

For several years now, industry futurists have been predicting the death of technical support as we know it. However, recent research by HDI shows that, to paraphrase author Mark Twain, reports of support’s death have been grossly exaggerated.