2017 Accounting & Finance Salary Guide

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The most-respected research on accounting and finance salary figures and trends, and your resource for consultant salary discussions

2017 Salary Guide

The industry’s best accounting Salary Guide

The cover of the 2016 Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance

Your search for reliable salary figures is over.

The 2017 Robert Half Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance features the most up-to-date and accurate compensation data available. Our accounting Salary Guide provides starting salary ranges for hundreds of positions, based on the real-world job placements made by our staffing and recruiting experts nationwide.

Download your free copy of the Salary Guide to access:

  • Starting pay ranges for more than 400 accounting and finance positions
  • An overview of hiring trends that also can affect consultant salary expectations in 2017
  • Industry-specific insight into factors driving the demand for finance consultants
  • Local variance numbers for more than 135 U.S. cities so you can customize the salary figures

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Salary Negotiation

The guide you need for every consultant salary discussion

Whether you’re hiring a consultant or hunting for a new engagement, there’s one thing you need above all else: up-to-date consultant salary data.

Robert Half has been producing an annual finance and accounting Salary Guide since 1950. Government agencies, academic institutions and the media have relied on our salary research for decades. And you can too.

Watch this short video to learn more about the 2017 Robert Half Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance and how it can aid in your consultant salary discussions.

In-Demand Finance Positions

A look at salary trends for the hottest consulting jobs

Consultants, we’ve got good news for you. Your skills are in demand — big time. And that’s leading to an increase in compensation virtually across the board. In fact, accounting and finance salary ranges are rising faster than the average for all industries.

Keep reading to learn about several of the hottest roles and trends affecting consultant salary levels.

Salary Trend Infographics

The 2017 hiring and salary landscape at a glance

View our infographics to learn which accounting and finance roles are in greatest demand, which specialties will see the highest increase in starting salaries, and what hiring trends you must know about.

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